Any History of Science courses that fit within the following criteria may be used to fulfill the nine-credit requirement:

  • At least 6 credits in graduate seminars, and no more than 3 credits in undergraduate courses.
  • HIST SCI 990 Research and Thesis may not be used to fulfill the minor requirement.
  • The minor field may include up to 3 credits of HIST SCI 999 Independent Work, provided that the student produces at least 15 pages of written work.

Faculty: Professors Boswell, Cheng, Desan, Enke, Hansen, Hirsch, Houck, Hsia, Kantrowitz, Keller, Kleijwegt, Kodesh, Lederer, McCoy, McDonald, Michels, Mitman, Neville (chair), Nyhart, Plummer, Ratner-Rosenhagen, Reese, Roberts, Shoemaker, Sweet, Thal, Wandel, Young; Associate Professors Callaci, Chamedes, Ciancia, Dennis, Gómez, Hall, Haynes, Hennessy, Iber, Ipsen, Kim, (C.), Kinzley, Lapina, Murthy, Nelson (N.), Taylor, Ussishkin; Assistant Professors Banerjee, Bitzan, Bloch, Brown, Kennedy, Kim, (M.), Ramírez, Rock-Singer, Stolz, Suarez, Useche, Villeneuve, Whiting, Williford

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Faculty Affiliates and Teaching Associates: Carlsson, Chopra, Clark-Pujara, Cullinane, Ermakoff, Greene, Keyser, McGarr, Nelson (A.), Rider, Sharafi, Stern

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