The Minor in Medieval Studies is of interest and use to graduate students seeking to study the Middle Ages in a way that would complement and deepen their study of history, language, literature, art, etc. The program will allow these students to gather the broadly interdisciplinary coursework outside the student’s home department or program into a meaningful credential that appears on their transcript.

A student should declare their interest to the Director of the Medieval Studies Program before beginning coursework required for the minor.  See Contact Box for Director information.

Graduate students interested in completing the Doctoral Minor in Medieval Studies must complete a minimum of 9 credits of courses from the list that appears below.

SCAND ST/​MEDIEVAL  409 Survey of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature3
SCAND ST/​MEDIEVAL  430 The Vikings4
SCAND ST/​MEDIEVAL  444 Kalevala and Finnish Folk-Lore4
ART HIST 715 Topics in Medieval Art3
ENGL 314 Structure of English3
ENGL 417 History of the English Language3
ENGL/​MEDIEVAL  520 Old English3
ENGL/​MEDIEVAL  521 Advanced Old English Literature3
ENGL/​MEDIEVAL  803 Topics in Medieval Literature3
HISTORY/​MEDIEVAL/​RELIG ST  309 The Crusades: Christianity and Islam3-4
HISTORY 417 History of Russia3-4
HISTORY/​LEGAL ST  426 The History of Punishment3-4
HISTORY/​SCAND ST  431 History of Scandinavia to 18153
SPANISH/​MEDIEVAL  503 Survey of Medieval Literature3
SPANISH/​MEDIEVAL  504 Survey of Medieval Literature3
SPANISH/​MEDIEVAL  541 Old Spanish3
SPANISH/​MEDIEVAL  718 Topics in Medieval Spanish Literature3
HISTORY 805 Seminar-Medieval History1-3
ITALIAN/​MEDIEVAL  659 Dante's Divina Commedia3
ITALIAN/​MEDIEVAL  671 The 13th Century3
LATIN/​MEDIEVAL  563 Mediaeval Latin3
MUSIC 411 Survey of Music in the Middle Ages3
MUSIC 412 Survey of Music in the Renaissance3

The following constraints should be taken into consideration when selecting courses:

  • Only courses that carry the "Graduate 50%" attribute may be used to meet program requirements.
  • To ensure that students achieve interdisciplinarity in their studies, courses must be selected from at least two different subject listings.
  • To ensure breadth of study beyond a student's focused doctoral research, courses must be selected from subject listings offered outside the student's home department or program. 

See a full list of faculty here: Faculty - Medieval Studies - UW-Madison.