Candidates for a Ph.D. degree in other departments may obtain a minor in Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian studies by taking a minimum of 12 credits in graduate courses related to Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, or Portugal. A list of courses available for LACIS credit is prepared each semester by the program staff. This work is to be done outside the major field of the candidate's doctoral specialization. One course cross-listed with the major may be used for the minor so long as it is not taught by a faculty member from the major department and is not a required course for the major. The LACIS M.A. may be used as a Ph.D. minor, as long as the degree program meets the minor requirements. The LACIS Ph.D. minor is an Option A minor.  All Ph.D. minor candidates must consult with the program director or associate director at the time they begin their work for the Ph.D. minor. Certification of proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is required. Contact the LACIS office for information on language certification. 

A minor in Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian studies consists of at least 12 graduate credits in LACIS-approved coursework.

Affiliated Faculty:

African Languages and Literature:

               Tejumola Olaniyan, Professor

               Aliko Songolo, Professor

               Samuel England, Assistant Professor

Agricultural and Applied Economics:

               Bradford Barham, Professor

               Laura Schechter, Associate Professor


               Isabelle C. Druc, Honorary/Associate Fellow

               Karen Strier, Professor

               Armando Muyolema, Lecturer

               Sarah Clayton, Associate Professor

               Jerome Camal, Assistant Professor

               Falina Enriquez, Assistant Professor


               Jim Escalante, Professor

               Douglas Rosenberg, Professor

               Henry Drewel, Professor

               Jill Casid, Professor


               Eve Emshwiller, Associate Professor

               Kenneth Sytsma, Professor

               Donald Waller, Professor

Business School:

               Antonio Mello, Professor

Center for Global Health:

               Lori DiPrete Brown, Honorary/Associate Fellow

Communication Arts:

               Sara L. Mckinnon, Associate Professor

Community and Environmental Sociology:

               Samer Alatout, Associate Professor

               Gary Green, Professor

               Randy Stoecker, Professor

               Jane Collins, Professor

Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies:

Beatriz L Botero, Lecturer

               Sarah Wells, Assistant Professor

Consumer Science:

               Lydia Zepeda, Professor

Counseling Psychology:

               Stephen Quintana, Professor

Curriculum and Instruction:

               Thomas Popkewitz, Professor

               François Victor Tochon, Professor

Dairy Science:

               Victor Cabrera, Associate Professor

               Michel Wattiaux, Professor


               Chris Walker, Associate Professor

Design Studies

               Carolyn Kallenborn, Associate Professor

Economics :

 Maria Muniagurria, Faculty Associate

Educational Policy Studies:

               Michael Apple, Professor

               Kathryn Moeller, Assistant Professor

               Lesley Bartlett, Professor


               Paul Block, Assistant Professor

               Steven P Loheide, Associate Professor


               Roberta Hill, Professor

               Jesse Lee Kercheval, Professor

               Christa Olson, Associate Professor

               Cherene Sherrard-Johnson, Professor

               Catherine Vieira, Associate Professor

Environmental Studies:

               Adrian Treves, Professor

               Lisa Rausch, Associate Researcher


               Erika Marin-Spiotta, Associate Professor

               Sarah Moore, Assistant Professor

               Holly Gibbs, Associate Professor

               Lisa Naughton-Treves, Professor


               Nan Enstad, Professor

               Susan Johnson, Professor

               Brenda Plummer, Professor

               James Sweet, Professor

               Patrick Iber, Assistant Professor


               James Nienhuis, Professor

               David Spooner, Professor

               Claudia Calderon, Assistant Faculty Associate

Human Development and Family Studies:

               Lynet Uttal, Professor

International Studies/Journalism:

               Jo Ellen Fair, Professor

Institute for Biology Education:

               Catherine Woodward, Associate Faculty Associate

Journalism & Mass Communication:

               Hernando Rojas, Professor

Landscape Architecture:

               Sam Dennis Jr., Assistant Professor

Law School:

               Alexandra Huneeus, Associate Professor


               Paloma Celis-Carbajal, Senior Academic Librarian

Mechanical Engineering:

               Tim Osswald, Professor

Medicine and Public Health:

               Pablo Gomez, Assistant Professor

               David Gaus, Honorary Associate/Fellow


               Javier Calderón, Professor

               Ronald Radano, Professor

Plant Pathology:

               Caitilyn Allen, Professor

Political Science:

               Erica Simmons, Assistant Professor

               Helen Kinsella, Associate Professor

               Benjamin Marquez, Professor

               Jon Pevehouse, Professor

               Jonathan Renshon, Associate Professor

Population Health Sciences:

               Jonathan Patz, Professor

               Leonelo Bautista, Associate Professor

               Ana Martinez-Donate, Honorary Associate/Fellow


               Patrick Barrett, Assistant Faculty Associate

               Jenna Nobles, Associate Professor

               Gay Seidman, Professor

               Erik Wright, Professor

Spanish & Portuguese:

               Grant Armstrong, Assistant Professor

               Ksenija Bilbija, Professor

               Glen Close, Professor

               Ivy Corfis, Professor

               Guillermina De Ferrari, Professor

               Juan Egea, Professor

               Diana Frantzen, Professor

               Anna Gemrich, Faculty Associate

               Paola Hernández, Associate Professor

               David Hildner, Professor

               Steven Hutchinson, Professor

               Deborra Kaaikiola-Strohbusch, Faculty Associate

               Luis Madureira, Professor

               Ruben Medina, Professor

               Marcelo Pellegrini, Associate Professor

               Guido Podestá, Professor

               Rajiv Rao, Associate Professor

               Kathryn Sánchez, Professor

               Ellen Sapega, Professor

               Catherine Stafford, Associate Professor

               Fernando Tejedo-Herrero, Associate Professor

               Mercedes Alcalá-Galán, Associate Professor

               Katarzyna Beilin , Professor

               Sarli Mercado, Senior Lecturer

Urban and Regional Planning:

               Alfonso Morales, Professor

               Carolina S. Sarmiento, Assistant Professor

Veterinary Medicine:

               Jorge Osorio, Professor


Warren Porter, Professor