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NTP/​NEURODPT  610 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience4
NTP/​NEURODPT/​PSYCH  611 Systems Neuroscience4
NTP mid-level course

Students must receive a grade point average of 3.0 for all required courses to receive the minor. 

Once the requirement has been met, please return the completed PhD Minor in Neuroscience Form to the Neuroscience Training Program office for signature by the program director.


Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Approved Mid-levels

BIOCHEM/​PHMCOL-M/​ZOOLOGY  630 Cellular Signal Transduction Mechanisms3
B M E/​MED PHYS/​PHMCOL-M/​PHYSICS/​RADIOL  619 Microscopy of Life3
NTP/​NEURODPT  629 Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Memory3
NTP 670 Stem Cells and the Central Nervous System2-3
NTP 675 Special Topics (Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Damage)2
NTP 675 Special Topics (Reproductive Neuroendocrinology)1-3
NTP/​NEUROL  735 Neurobiology of Disease2
NTP/​NEURODPT/​ZOOLOGY  765 Developmental Neuroscience3
ZOOLOGY 604 Computer-based Gene and Disease/Disorder Research Lab2

Systems/Behavioral/Computational Approved Mid-levels

B M E 601 Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering (Problem-Based Learning in Clinical Neuroengineering Seminar)2
CS&D 850 Hearing Science I: Basic Acoustics and Psychoacoustics3
COMP SCI/​B M I/​PSYCH  841 Computational Cognitive Science3
KINES 713 Neural Basis of Normal and Pathological Movement3
KINES 721 Neural Basis for Movement3
KINES 861 Principles of Motor Control and Learning3
NTP/​NEURODPT  630 Neuronal Mechanisms for Sensation and Memory in Cerebral Cortex3
NTP 677 Basic Sleep Mechanisms and Sleep Disorders: from Neurobiology to Sleep Medicine3
NTP 675 Special Topics (Neuroethology)2
NTP 675 Special Topics (Brain Mapping in Health and Disease: Applications)3
NTP/​MED PHYS  651 Methods for Neuroimaging Research3
PSYCH 720 Essentials of Cognitive Neuroscience3
PSYCH 711 Current Topics in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Memory)2-3
PSYCH 711 Current Topics in Psychology (Introduction to Neural Network Modeling of Cognition)2-3
PSYCH 733 Perceptual and Cognitive Sciences (Perceptual Systems Analysis) 12
PSYCH 733 Perceptual and Cognitive Sciences (Cognitive Neuroscience of Reading and Dyslexia) 12
PSYCH 733 Perceptual and Cognitive Sciences (Knotty Problems in Psycholinguistics) 12
PSYCH 918 Seminar-General Psychology (Visual Perception)1-3
PSYCH 954 Seminar-Physiological Psychology (Neuropharmacology)3

Faculty: Professor Ari Rosenberg (director). For a comprehensive faculty list, visit the program website.