The Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences is the home of undergraduate and graduate programs in animal sciences and dairy science.  It has a long and proud history of groundbreaking discoveries in animal nutrition, physiology, genetics, management, and muscle biology, which are coupled with excellence in the emerging fields of animal welfare, digital agriculture, and animal biologics to generate new knowledge and solve practical problems. The department is interdisciplinary, and the interests and skillsets of our faculty and graduate students range from molecular biology to animal care and management. Virtually all of our work happens in a biological context, with an eye toward advancing our understanding of animal biology, improving the lives of domestic animals, enhancing the sustainability of animal agriculture, and improving human health and nutrition.

The department was formed as a merger of the Department of Animal Sciences and the Department of Dairy Science in 2020, as a culmination of a long-stranding, interdependent relationship that includes sharing the Animal Sciences Building at 1675 Observatory Drive, cross-listing and co-teaching many core courses, and collaborating on countless research projects and outreach programs.

Animal And Dairy Sciences Department


Weigel, Kent (Chair)
Khatib, Hasan (Associate Chair)
Adcock, Sarah
Arriola Apelo, Sebastian
Cabrera, Victor
Claus, Jim
Crenshaw, Thomas
Dorea, Joao
Ferraretto, Luiz
Fricke, Paul
Guo, Wei
Hernandez, Laura
Kirkpatrick, Brian
Laporta, Jimena
Leone, Vanessa
Mantovani, Hilario
Ortega, Sofia
Parrish, John
Peñagaricano, Francisco
Reed, Jess
Richards, Mark
Ricke, Steve
Rosa, Guilherme
Shanmuganayagam, Dhanansayan (Dhanu)
Sindelar, Jeffrey
Van Os, Jennifer
Wattiaux, Michel
White, Heather
Wiltbank, Milo


Halbach, Theodore
Kean, Ron
O’Rourke, Bernadette
Ronk, Eric

Undergraduate Advisor

Sandberg, Liv

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