Nutritional sciences is an interdisciplinary field rooted in biology and biochemistry. The majors integrates the study of nutrition within the role of diet in health and disease and combines the basic and applied sciences to health and medicine.

The Department of Nutritional Sciences offers two areas of undergraduate study in nutrition, both of which require core courses within the chemistry, physiology, biochemical, clinical, business, and public health aspects of nutrition. 

With focus on nutrition and preventative health, the Nutritional Sciences majors provide an excellent foundation for students who are looking to work in clinical and community nutrition, prepare for graduate education in the health and biochemical sciences, and/or pursue careers in research and industry. 




Dave Eide (Department Chair)
Richard Eisenstein
Jing Fan
Guy Groblewski
Adam Kuchnia (Director of Didactic Program in Dietetics)
HuiChuan Lai
Denise Ney
James Ntambi
Beth Olson
Brian Parks
Joseph Pierre
Sherry Tanumihardjo
Eric Yen


Erika Anna
Amber Haroldson
Tara LaRowe (Coordinator of Didactic Program in Dietetics)
Makayla Schuchardt
Yirong Wang

Academic Advisors

Sarah Golla, MSW
Mona Mogahed, MPS