An NGO representative converses with UW-Madison students about economic development in a rural Indian village

The Certificate in International Business helps students develop an understanding of the global macroeconomic environment and the complexities of cross-border transactions. International Business is an interdisciplinary field and courses focus on knowledge acquisition as well as application of concepts. The embedded study abroad requirement helps students develop cross-cultural awareness and skills, and gain a regional perspective that often underpins successful adaptation for local markets.

International business careers span industries and economic sectors, as well as business functions and geographies, and often include domestic positions with global scope. Positions in international business involve strategy, leadership, research, government relations, creativity, technical expertise, and cultural fluency.

How to Get in

To declare this certificate, students must be admitted to UW–Madison and the School of Business (WSB). To find out more about the school's admissions process for undergraduate students, please see Entering the School.  Contact the Wisconsin BBA Advising Center listed under the Advising and Careers tab for more information or to declare the certificate.

Students may not earn this certificate in conjunction with the BBA in Business: International Business, and/or the exclusively online BBAs in Business Administration-Human Resources, Business Administration-Management, and Business Administration-Marketing.


A minimum 2.000 GPA must be earned on required certificate coursework. Completed courses listed within the certificate curriculum, whether or not they meet a specific requirement, are included in the calculation of the GPA.

At least 50% of the certificate credits must be earned in residence at UW-Madison as a degree-seeking undergraduate.  All certificate courses must be graded; credit/no credit and pass/fail do not qualify.

Completion of this certificate satisfies one of the business breadth courses needed for the BBA.  

INTL BUS 200 International Business3
INTL BUS 450 Study Abroad in International Business 11
6 Additional Credits of INTL BUS 26
Global Interdisciplinary Perspective3
Select one course from the following:
Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity
World Regions in Global Context
Introduction to International Studies
Introduction to International Relations
Total Credits13

This course must be taken prior to the required study abroad semester. The study abroad requirement must be satisfied through an approved program.


A maximum of 3 credits of INTL BUS 365 Contemporary Topics can be applied to this 6 credit requirement.

 Certificate Completion Requirement

This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree. Students cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply international business theories and concepts to a variety of business situations.
  2. Formulate business strategies appropriate to global, regional and local contexts.
  3. Demonstrate the skills necessary for successful cross-cultural adaptation into a host country.

Advising and Careers


The perspective, intercultural awareness, and regional knowledge gained through the study of international business is always relevant, but has greatest career impact several years into one's career. Therefore, the Certificate in International Business is designed to serve as a complement to a business major. International business careers develop after graduates first develop skills and expertise in a functional area of business, which drives initial career placement and advancement.

Careers in international business are not necessarily located oversees or even in major cities. Many positions are in U.S.-based offices or divisions of international firms.


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