The Naval Science BNS is not a stand-alone degree. Students interested in pursuing this degree should consult with the Navy ROTC:
1610 University Ave, Madison, WI 53726 | 608-262-3794 |

The College of Engineering recommends candidates for the Bachelor of Naval Science degree. Requirements for the degree are:

  1. A total of 136 credits including no fewer than 100 credits of elected and required courses in one of the engineering curricula.
  2. Completion of these additional requirements as approved by the Department of Naval Science: English, two semesters; American Military Affairs/National Security Policy, one semester (see below).

Earning both the BNS degree and the B.S. in the field of engineering may require five years. Engineering students in an ROTC program may require four and one-half to five years to complete both degree and commissioning requirements.

Required Courses:

Naval Laboratory (1 cr each):8-10
Introductory Naval Laboratory I
Introductory Naval Laboratory II
Elementary Naval Laboratory I
Elementary Naval Laboratory II
Intermediate Naval Laboratory I
Intermediate Naval Laboratory II
Advanced Naval Laboratory I
Advanced Naval Laboratory II
Professional Naval Laboratory I 1
Professional Naval Laboratory II 1
NAV SCI 101 Introduction to Naval Science2
NAV SCI 102 Seapower-Maritime Affairs 23
NAV SCI 201 Naval Leadership and Management3
NAV SCI 402 Naval Leadership and Ethics3
Six credits of English. Must be writing-intensive and focus on areas of grammar and composition. Accepted courses include those designated COM A or COM B6
Three credits of American Military History or National Security Policy. Accepted courses include:3
Introduction to American Politics and Government
Introduction to International Relations
Introduction to Political Theory
Law, Politics and Society
Analysis of International Relations
Principles of International Law
Nuclear Weapons and World Politics
The American Military Experience to 1902
The American Military Experience Since 1899
American Military History
Completion of one of the following tracks:
Navy-Option Track:
Naval Engineering
Naval Weapons
Naval Operations
Six credits of calculus to include a first- and second-semester course 3
Six credits of calculus-based physics to include a first- and second-semester course 3
Three credits of World Culture and Regional Studies. Must have an emphasis on regions encompassed by Sub-Sahara Africa, North Africa, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, Central America, Middle East, or Russia/Eastern Europe
Marine Corps-Option Track:
Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare
Land Campaigns

Also, to be conferred a BNS degree, the candidate must satisfy the degree requirements for any Engineering major, and the above-stated Naval Science requirements.

  1. Understand and apply the fundamentals and principles of Naval Science.
  2. Understand and apply Naval Science professional knowledge and core competencies.
  3. Be prepared to perform successfully in the technical and critical reasoning requirements of their careers and pursue continuing education in a field of application within the Naval Service.
  4. Understand and demonstrate a strong sense of personal integrity, honor, and individual responsibility and associated ethical leadership required of military officers.

Sample Four Year Plans

The Bachelor of Naval Science degree is not a stand-alone degree. The plans below must be integrated with a student's undergraduate College of Engineering major plan. See your engineering advisor and Naval ROTC program staff with questions.

Navy Scholarship/College Programmer

First Year
NAV SCI 1751NAV SCI 1761
Calculus 1/Math 13-5Calculus 2/Math 23-5
English 13English 23-5
NAV SCI 1012HISTORY 428 (in place of NAV SCI 102)3-4
 9-11 10-15
Second Year
NAV SCI 2751NAV SCI 2761
Physics 1/Physical Science 13-5Physics 2/Physical Science 23-5
NAV SCI 2013NAV SCI 2023
 7-9 7-9
Third Year
NAV SCI 3751NAV SCI 3761
World Culture3Amer Mil History/National Security Policy3
NAV SCI 3013NAV SCI 3023
 7 7
Fourth Year
NAV SCI 4751NAV SCI 4761
NAV SCI 4013NAV SCI 4023
 4 4
Total Credits 55-66

Marine Scholarship/College Programmer

First Year
NAV SCI 1751NAV SCI 1761
NAV SCI 1012HISTORY 428 (in place of NAV SCI 102)3-4
English 13English 23
 6 7-8
Second Year
NAV SCI 2751NAV SCI 2761
NAV SCI 2013NAV SCI 350 or 3513
 4 4
Third Year
NAV SCI 3751NAV SCI 3761
Amer Mil History/National Security Policy3NAV SCI 350 or 3513
 4 4
Fourth Year
NAV SCI 4751NAV SCI 4761
 NAV SCI 4023
 1 4
Total Credits 34-35

Naval Science BNS students should meet with the Navy ROTC for advising:
1610 University Avenue Madison, WI 53726; 608-262-3794;

Naval Science—Professor, CAPT Zacharski; Associate Professor CDR Choquette; Assistant Professors LT Cero, LT Heimke, and Marine Capt. Matulionis. The assistant professors act as undergraduate advisors and may be contacted through the department office.