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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering delivers research and educational programs that help make our environment, society, and communities better places in which to live, work, and play. This is done with a commitment to meeting the societal, environmental, and financial needs of today’s generation without sacrificing the ability to meet these needs for future generations – the core principles of sustainability. All three of the department’s undergraduate degree programs create career opportunities to:

  • Ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the environment,
  • Develop and maintain our water, earth, and energy resources,
  • Create and operate smart cities and smart infrastructure systems based on analysis of “big data,” and
  • Work with next generation materials and construction systems.

High-impact educational practices are used in delivering the three undergraduate degree programs, including opportunities to:

  • Engage with faculty on innovative research projects,
  • Develop career skills by participating in internship or cooperative education with an engineering company,
  • Broaden horizons by studying abroad,
  • Work with nearby communities in the award-winning senior capstone design class, and
  • Lead student organizations in numerous activities, including design competitions like concrete canoe, steel bridge, and others.

The department is committed to ensuring its students are well placed on the pathway to professional engineering licensure and careers in the field. We invite you to explore the details of each degree program by clicking the link to our degrees, majors, and certificates.


William Likos (Chair)
Soyoung Ahn
Hussain Bahia
Awad Hanna
Gregory W. Harrington
James P. Hurley
Steve P. Loheide II
Katherine (Trina) McMahon
Daniel Noguera
David Noyce
Jae Park
Gustavo Parra-Montesinos
Bin Ran
Jeffrey Russell
James Jay Schauer
Chin H. Wu

Associate Professors

Paul Block
Dante Fratta
Matthew Ginder-Vogel
Andrea Hicks
Xiaopeng Li
Jose Pincheira
Pavana Prabhakar
Christy Remucal
Hiroki Sone
James Tinjum
Daniel Wright

Assistant Professors

Hannah Blum
Sikai Chen
Jesse Hampton
Nimish Pujara
Mohan Qin
Bu Wang
Haoran Wei
Zhenhua Zhu

See also Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty Directory.


Facilities available include modern and fully equipped laboratories for instruction and research in the following areas:

Environmental Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Data Acquisition and Analysis
Structures and Materials Testing
Transportation Engineering
Environmental Chemistry and Technology