The Global Health Capstone Certificate Program is based in the Department of Population Health Sciences at the School of Medicine and Public Health and is administered by the campuswide Global Health Institute.

The certificate curriculum focuses on global health topics and health issues that transcend national boundaries, emphasizing health and disease in developing countries. Through a 9-credit program of preparatory course work and culminating in a global health field experience, students will be prepared to address health disparities in a context of cultural diversity. Certificate recipients may serve populations internationally or work among the increasingly diverse population of Wisconsin and the United States.  Through core courses and electives, students may focus their studies on health promotion, detection and treatment of disease, prevention and management of outbreaks, health policy, environmental health, or other interdisciplinary topics.

To accommodate working professionals, the courses are offered in the evening. 

Further detail, including current tuition and cost, is provided on the program's website.


Applicants must possess a baccalaureate degree. Applications are accepted for fall semester with a deadline in late spring.  Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) is the admitting office for all University Special students. However, the department offering the capstone certificate program makes the final admission decision upon review of all applicant materials.

Application steps

A complete application includes the following information:

  1. An online application for admission as a University Special student, selecting UNCS Capstone Certificate and the program: Global Health. This application is received and processed by ACSSS with final decision held for approval from the specific capstone certificate coordinator. 
  2. An application and materials submitted directly to the program, which includes:
  • an online application directly to the program. The application includes a personal statement (maximum 350 words) which require a description of global health interest and previous experience, career goals, and how the skills obtained in the certificate program will improve the health status of underserved populations
  • a resume and official transcripts for current programs and prior degrees sent to: Betsy Teigland ( of the Global Health Institute located at 4270B Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI 53705-2221.


Admitted students receive a formal letter of admission to UW–Madison from Adult Career and Special Student Services along with general enrollment information. Additional detail is provided on the ACSSS enrollment page

The Global Health Institute will send an email to admitted students with specific information pertaining to enrollment in courses and completion of the capstone program. 

  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.000
  • This certificate requires a total of 9 credits

Core Courses

POP HLTH 640 Foundations in Global Health Practice1
POP HLTH 718 Principles of Global Health Care Systems2
POP HLTH 904 Special Topics in Epidemiology (Global Health Epidemiology)2-3
Total Credits5

Field Experience

Select one course from the following list:

POP HLTH 645 Global Health Field Course1-6
POP HLTH 788 The Public Health Field Experience1-6
NURSING 699 Directed Study in Nursing1-4
PHM SCI 699 Advanced Independent Study3
COMP BIO 699 Directed Study1-5
MED SC-V 699 Directed Study1-5
MEDICINE 699 Independent Study9

Elective Course

Select one course from the following list:

POP HLTH/​HIST SCI/​MED HIST  553 International Health and Global Society3
POP HLTH/​ENVIR ST  560 Health Impact Assessment of Global Environmental Change3
POP HLTH/​NUTR SCI  621 Introduction to Nutritional Epidemiology1
POP HLTH 644 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health and Disease (Latin America)1
POP HLTH 644 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health and Disease (South Asia)1
POP HLTH 644 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health and Disease (Africa)1
POP HLTH 644 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health and Disease (Southeast Asia)1
POP HLTH 650 Special Topics (Public Health Preparedness)1-6
POP HLTH 786 Social and Behavioral Sciences for Public Health3
POP HLTH/​SOC  797 Introduction to Epidemiology3
POP HLTH 795 Principles of Population Health Sciences1-3
POP HLTH 904 Special Topics in Epidemiology (Infectious Diseases)1-3
POP HLTH 904 Special Topics in Epidemiology (Global Health Epidemiology)1-3
POP HLTH 915 International Health Systems and Policy2
PATH-BIO/​PATH  210 HIV: Sex, Society and Science3
A A E/​AGRONOMY/​INTER-AG/​NUTR SCI  350 World Hunger and Malnutrition3
ENVIR ST/​C&E SOC/​GEOG  434 People, Wildlife and Landscapes3
ENVIR ST/​POP HLTH  471 Introduction to Environmental Health3
ENVIR ST/​POP HLTH  502 Air Pollution and Human Health3
ED POL 600 Problems in Educational Policy (The University & State: 1848-1998)1-3
ED POL 600 Problems in Educational Policy (Gender, Education, and the State)1-3
ED POL/​CURRIC  677 Education, Health and Sexuality: Global Perspective and Policies3
ANTHRO 365 Medical Anthropology3
ANTHRO 919 Anthropology and International Health2
ANTHRO/​AFRICAN/​ECON/​GEOG/​HISTORY/​POLI SCI  983 Interdepartmental Seminar-African Studies3
INTL ST 603 Topics in Culture in the Age of Globalization1-4
M M & I/​ENTOM/​PATH-BIO/​ZOOLOGY  350 Parasitology3
M M & I 554 Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism2
M M & I/​POP HLTH  603 Clinical and Public Health Microbiology5
M M & I 677 Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology1-3
M M & I 704 Infectious Diseases of Human Beings3
MED HIST/​PHILOS  558 Ethical Issues in Health Care3
MED HIST 559 Topics in Ethics and History of Medicine3
MED HIST/​AGRONOMY/​C&E SOC/​PHILOS  565 The Ethics of Modern Biotechnology3-4
MED HIST/​HIST SCI  668 Topics in History of Medicine3
SOC WORK 659 International Aspects of Social Work2-3
SOC/​ECON  663 Population and Society3
NURSING 702 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Diverse Communities3
AGRONOMY/​ENTOM/​F&W ECOL/​M&ENVTOX  634 Ecotoxicology: Impacts on Populations, Communities and Ecosystems1
PUB AFFR/​ENVIR ST/​POLI SCI  866 Global Environmental Governance3
SURG SCI/​F&W ECOL  548 Diseases of Wildlife3
FAM MED 712 Heallth Care in Diverse Communities1
GEN&WS 533 Special Topics in Women and Health3
PHM PRAC 490 Selected Topics in Pharmacy Practice1-4

Students will learn to

  • Analyze health system infrastructures at local and national levels
  • Create a health status profile for a defined population
  • Develop a letter of inquiry seeking funding for a global health project
  • Plan, conduct, and evaluate a global health experience