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Basic business literacy can benefit all graduates, no matter what their field or intended career. When entering the professional world, CALS students are increasingly confronted with contexts that require an understanding of basic business and management concepts. The certificate in business management for agricultural and life sciences can provide students with the business skills that employers value.

The certificate offers students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) the opportunity to gain business knowledge and have it recorded on their transcript. The certificate is designed specifically for students intending to pursue careers in agriculture and life sciences, and enrollment is open only to undergraduates currently enrolled in CALS. This professional credential is offered by the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, the Department of Life Sciences Communication, and the Renk Agribusiness Institute, with the collaboration of the School of Business. 

To declare this certificate, students must be admitted to UW–Madison and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). For information about becoming a CALS first-year or transfer student, see Entering the College. Contact the advisor listed under the Advising and Careers tab for more information or to declare the certificate.

Completion of the certificate requires a total of 18 credits.
The following four courses are required:
A A E 215 Introduction to Agricultural and Applied Economics3
LSC 270 Communication in Life Science Industries3
GEN BUS 310 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance for Non-Business Majors3
GEN BUS 311 Fundamentals of Management and Marketing for Non-Business Majors3
Select six credits from the following classes:6
The International Agricultural Economy
Farming Systems Management
Commodity Markets
Agricultural Finance
Economic Decision Analysis
Quantitative Methods in Agricultural and Applied Economics
Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Technology
Dairy Herd Management I
Dairy Herd Management II
Dairy Farm Management Practicum
Research Methods in the Communication Industry
Science, Media and Society
Advertising in the Life Sciences
Social Media for the Life Sciences
Theory and Practice of Integrated Marketing Communication

No substitutions are allowed for the core courses. Students may count no more than two courses toward both their major requirements and these certificate requirements.

For more information or to declare the certificate in business management for agricultural and life sciences, contact:                                         

Linda Davis
Undergraduate Student Services 
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics      
University of Wisconsin–Madison
424 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch Street
Madison, WI 53706


Barham, Bradford
Chavas, Jean-Paul
Cox, Thomas
Coxhead, Ian 
Deller, Steven
Foltz, Jeremy
Gould, Brian
Phaneuf, Daniel
Provencher, R. William
Rutherford, Thomas
Stiegert, Kyle


Alix-Garcia, Jennifer
Fletcher, Jason*
Hueth, Brent
Mitchell, Paul
Schechter, Laura
Shi, Guanming


Conroy, Tessa*
Du, Sheldon
Grainger, Corbett
Johnston, Craig*
Parker, Dominic
Tjernstroem, Emilia


Dong, Fengxia
Reynolds, Anne


Davis, Linda

*AAE Affiliate Faculty