Design Studies offers multidisciplinary education in design and research of interior design environments and textiles and apparel design, through participation in formal classroom instruction and ongoing research and scholarly endeavors. Students benefit from a broad-based program and faculty specializing in areas such as design visualization, environment and behavior studies, history of interiors and textiles, interior architecture, material culture, textile and apparel design, and textile science.

Two undergraduate degree majors are offered: interior architecture, and textiles and fashion design. There is also a human ecology: design studies graduate program, offering M.S., MFA, and Ph.D. degrees.

Student internships in both undergraduate majors augment campus course offerings, providing students with unique learning opportunities in their chosen fields. Design studies majors have access to design resources: studios, a computer laboratory equipped to support design work; textile laboratories including a testing room; an interior architecture resource room, the Design Gallery, the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, and the Ruth Ketterer Harris Library. In addition, a strong collaborative environment exists for students and faculty interaction with other departments, institutes, and museums on the campus and other design programs within the state and country.

Professors Angus, Dong, Nelson, Rengel, Sarmadi; Associate Professors Hark, Kallenborn, Shin; Assistant Professors Fairbanks, Penick, Ponto, Thorleifsdottir; Faculty Associates Kurutz, Sager

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