The certificate in German offers students the opportunity to develop proficiency in German, thereby complementing major(s) in other subjects across the university. It also strengthens the applications of students who intend to pursue careers or graduate study in areas where knowledge of German is useful. The certificate in German is open to all undergraduate students, including Special students who may already have completed majors and earned degrees.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate in German requires 15 credits of GERMAN coursework beyond GERMAN 204 Fourth Semester German, to include at least two courses from the 300 level or higher (excluding Dutch courses). All courses presented for the certificate in German must be taught in German. 

Additional credits in GERMAN to reach the 15 credits required.  Select from: 

GERMAN 249 Intermediate German - Speaking and Listening3
GERMAN 258 Intermediate German-Reading3
GERMAN 262 Intermediate German-Writing3
GERMAN 300-599 (excluding any Dutch courses per above)

Residence and Quality of Work

Of the 15 credits required, 8 credits must be in residence.

A 2.000 cumulative GPA in all courses eligible for the certificate is required.

Pass/fail courses may not apply to the certificate.

Advising and Careers 

For advising questions related to the certificate in German, contact the German program undergraduate advisor: 

Mark L. Louden, Undergraduate German Advisor
802 Van Hise

For questions regarding placement in German language courses, contact the German language program coordinator and placement advisor:

Jeanne M. Schueller, German Language Program Coordinator and Placement Advisor
806 Van Hise

For other undergraduate concerns, please contact our undergraduate coordinator:

Bridget Sutton, Undergraduate Coordinator
1306 Van Hise

For advising on careers related to German, Dutch, and other languages, contact:

Michael Kruse
International Directions Advisor
Language Institute

For additional career advising, contact:

Letters & Science Career Initiative & Career Services
1305 Linden Drive, Suite 205
Madison, WI 53706

Professors Hans Adler, Monika Chavez, Sabine Gross, Rob Howell, Mark Louden, B. Venkat Mani, Pamela Potter, Joe Salmons, Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor

Associate Professors Salvatore Calomino, Sonja Klocke, Sabine Moedersheim

Assistant Professors Hannah V. Eldridge, Philip Hollander, Weijia Li, Sunny Yudkoff

Faculty Associate Jeanne Schueller