Students interested in more specialized study of the languages and literature of East Asia, South Asia, or Southeast Asia should see the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, the Center for East Asian Studies, or the Center for South Asia; those interested in the study of languages and cultures of Central Asia should see the Center for Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies. All questions pertaining to Southeast Asian studies at UW–Madison, should be addressed to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (see box at right).

Certificate in Southeast Asian Studies

The undergraduate certificate in Southeast Asian studies is available to students working toward a baccalaureate degree in any of the University of Wisconsin–Madison schools and colleges. This certificate meets the needs of students choosing to focus on the Southeast Asia region (Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) within their primary major, but not wishing to commit to the more rigorous language and area studies courses required for the B.A. in Asian Languages and Cultures (named option in Southeast Asia). Students select coursework reflecting their interests from classes offered through many university departments, and can work toward a variety of undergraduate majors. Upon earning the certificate, this emphasis is noted on the student's transcript. The certificate is of value to students wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of the Southeast Asian region either to potential employers or to graduate schools.

Students interested in declaring the certificate in Southeast Asian studies should contact the program adviser Michael Cullinane,, 608-263-1755.

15 credits

Up to 6 credits of Language may count:0-6
Third Semester Burmese
Fourth Semester Burmese
Third Semester Filipino
Fourth Semester Filipino
Third Semester Hmong
Fourth Semester Hmong
Third Semester Indonesian
Fourth Semester Indonesian
Third Semester Javanese
Fourth Semester Javanese
Third Semester Khmer
Fourth Semester Khmer
Third Semester Lao
Fourth Semester Lao
Third Semester Thai
Fourth Semester Thai
Third Semester Vietnamese
Fourth Semester Vietnamese
Fifth Semester Burmese
Sixth Semester Burmese
Fifth Semester Filipino
Sixth Semester Filipino
Fifth Semester Hmong
Sixth Semester Hmong
Fifth Semester Indonesian
Sixth Semester Indonesian
Fifth Semester Khmer
Sixth Semester Khmer
Fifth Semester Lao
Sixth Semester Lao
Fifth Semester Thai
Sixth Semester Thai
Fifth Semester Vietnamese
Sixth Semester Vietnamese
Core courses:9-15
Globalization, Poverty and Development
Popular Culture and Film in Twentieth-Century China
Economic Growth and Development in Southeast Asia
Introduction to Music Cultures of the World
Introduction to Asian Performance
Musical Cultures of the World
Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines
Human Geography of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asian Refugees of the "Cold" War
The Vietnam Wars
Buddhism and Society in Southeast Asian History
History of Southeast Asia to 1800
History of Southeast Asia Since 1800
International Business
The Making of the Islamic World: The Middle East, 500-1500
Modern Indonesian Literature
Language and Society in Southeast Asia
Structure of Thai
Introduction to Music Cultures of the World
Non-Western Music Performance-Study Groups
Musical Cultures of the World
Islam: Religion and Culture

Residence & Quality of Work

2.000 GPA on all certificate-approved courses

8 credits in the certificate, in residence

All students interested in this certificate are encouraged to take HISTORY/​GEOG/​LCA/​POLI SCI/​SOC  244 Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines

Southeast Asian language courses can be taken during the academic year (Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese) and all of these plus three others (Burmese, Khmer, and Lao) can be taken at UW–Madison’s summer program, the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute.

Students interested in the certificate in Southeast Asian Studies, should contact the program adviser Michael Cullinane,, 608-263-1755.