Doctoral candidates from other programs who wish to pursue a minor in English must secure advance approval of their proposed course of study from the director of graduate studies in English. A minor in English consists of 12 credits of graduate work with no grade lower than B. The department offers a minor in English (with concentrations in literature or composition and rhetoric), a minor in English Linguistics, and a minor in Creative Writing.

Faculty: Professors Castronovo (chair), Auerbach, Barry, Bearden, Begam, Bernard-Donals, Bow, Britland, Dharwadker, Foys, Friedman, Guyer, Hill, Johnson, Keller, Kercheval, Olaniyan, Ortiz-Robles, Purnell, Raimy, Sherrard-Johnson, Wanner, M. Young, R. Young, Zimmerman; Associate Professors Allewaert, Cooper, Fawaz, Olson, Samuels, Trotter, Vareschi, Yu, Zweck; Assistant Professors Amine, Calhoun, Cho, Druschke, Edoro, Fecu, Huang