Ph.D. students in other departments or programs may choose to complete a Minor in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies (ITS). Students interested in this minor need to meet with the ITS Program Director, who will advise them of and approve courses appropriate to their specific interests.

Students must complete 12 credits ( 4 courses) in the program at the 300 level or higher. At least three of the courses must be at the 500 level or higher. A maximum of 3 credits (1 course) of independent study are allowed. In courses with different assignments for graduate students than undergraduate students, applicants for the Minor must complete the graduate student assignments in the course. Students must earn a grade point average of at least 3.0 in all Minor courses. Under unusual circumstances it may be possible for theatre or performance studies courses completed at another institution within the prior five years to count toward the minor in ITS. Such transfer credits must be approved by the ITS Program Director based on the syllabus, transcript, and final paper from the course.

Students choose from the following courses: 1
ENGL 850 Proseminar in Theatre Research3
ENGL 859 Seminar-Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies3
ENGL/​THEATRE  731 Advanced Theatre History 500 BC to 17003
ENGL/​THEATRE  732 Advanced Theatre History 1700 to Present3
ENGL/​THEATRE  578 Modern American Drama and Theatre3
ENGL/​THEATRE  577 Postcolonial Theatre: Drama, Theory and Performance in the Global South3
ENGL/​THEATRE  576 Survey: Theories of Drama3
ENGL/​THEATRE  575 British Drama, 1914 to Present3
THEATRE 522 Experimental Drama: The Theatre of Europe 1850-the Present3
THEATRE 619 Special Topics in Theatre and Drama3
THEATRE/​CURRIC  525 Theatre in Education3
THEATRE/​CURRIC  562 Drama in Education: Advanced Studies3
THEATRE/​GEN&WS  415 Introduction to Contemporary Feminist Theatre and Criticism3


Aparna Dharwadker, Professor, English; ITS

Christine Garlough, Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies

Paola S. Hernández, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese; ITS

Michael Peterson (Program Director), Professor, Art; ITS

Mary Trotter, Associate Professor, English; ITS

Mike Vanden Heuvel, Professor, Classics and Near Eastern Studies (CANES); Integrated Liberal Studies; ITS

Manon van de Water, Professor, German, Nordic and Slavic (chair); ITS

Affiliate Faculty:

Sandra Adell, Afro-American Studies

Karen Britland, English

Margaret Butler, Music

Joshua Calhoun, English

Jill H. Casid, Art History

Laurie Beth Clark, Art

Susan Cook, Music

David Furumoto, Theatre and Drama

Sabine Gross, German

Erica Halverson, Curriculum and Instruction

Maksim Hanukai, German, Nordic, and Slavic

Andrea Harris, Dance

Laura McClure, Classics

James McMasters, Gender and Women’s Studies; Asian American Studies

Fredric Neyrat, Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies

Teju Olaniyan, English; African Languages and Literature

Jen Plants, English

Patrick Sims, Theatre and Drama

Mark Vareschi, English

Natalie Zervou, Dance