Ph.D. candidates from other departments who wish to minor in mechanical engineering are required to complete a minimum of 9 credits of mechanical engineering courses numbered 400 or above with grades of B or better (grades of BC and below are not accepted for the minor). One of these courses must be at the 700 level or above. Only one of the courses may be cross-listed in the student's major department.

Faculty (who may serve as graduate advisor): 

Professors: Ghandhi (chair), Negrut, Nellis, Osswald, Pfefferkorn, Pfotenhauer, Qian, Reindl, Sanders, Shapiro, Suresh, Thelen, Turng

Associate Professors: Eriten, C. Franck, Kokjohn, Krupenkin, Miller,  Rothamer, Trujillo, Zinn

Assistant Professors: Adamczyk, M. Anderson, J. Andrews, L. Chen, Henak, Min, Pan, Roldan, Roth, Rudraraju, Rudykh, D. Thompson, X. Xu 

Faculty Affiliates: M. Allen, Bonazza, Bronkhurst, J. Franck, Gleicher, Holloway, Jahns, Ludois, Sarlioglu, Schauer, Serverson, Thevamaran, Thoma, Venkataramanan, Witzenburg

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