Ph.D. candidates from other departments who wish to minor in mechanical engineering are required to complete a minimum of 9 credits of mechanical engineering courses numbered 400 or above with grades of B or better (grades of BC and below are not accepted for the minor). One of these courses must be at the 700 level or above.

Faculty: Professors Engelstad, Ghandhi (chair), Lorenz, Moskwa, Nellis, Osswald, Pfotenhauer, Rowlands, Rutland, Sanders, Shapiro, Thelen, Turng; Associate Professors Krupenkin, Negrut, Pfefferkorn, Ploeg, Qian, Rothamer, Shedd, Suresh, Trujillo, Zinn; Assistant Professors Adamczyk, Eriten, Henak, Kokjohn, Miller, Min, Roldan-Alzate, Rudolph; Faculty affiliates Allen, Bonazza, Clemons, Corradini, Holloway, Kammer, Luzzio, Reindl, Scarlat, Schauer, Smith