Major Requirements
Common Requirements53
Specialization & Technical Electives43
Total Credits101

Common Requirements

See Major Requirements.

Machinery Systems Engineering Specialization

This is a named option that will appear on the student's transcript upon completion.

BSE/M E 475 Engineering Principles of Agricultural Machinery3
BSE/M E 476 Engineering Principles of Off-Road Vehicles3
E M A 202 Dynamics3
or M E 240 Dynamics
M E 306 Mechanics of Materials3
or E M A 303 Mechanics of Materials
E M A/M E 307 Mechanics of Materials Lab1
M E 313 Manufacturing Processes3
M E 342 Design of Machine Elements3
M E 361 Thermodynamics3
M E 363 Fluid Dynamics3
AGRONOMY 100 Principles and Practices in Crop Production4
or DY SCI/​AN SCI  101 Introduction to Animal Sciences
or SOIL SCI 301 General Soil Science
Complete one of the following BSE breadth courses:2-3
Renewable Energy Systems
On-Site Waste Water Treatment and Dispersal
Rheology of Foods and Biomaterials
Biorefining: Energy and Products from Renewable Resources
Food and Bioprocessing Operations
Heat and Mass Transfer in Biological Systems
Sediment and Bio-Nutrient Engineering and Management
Water Management Systems
Small Watershed Engineering
Food and Pharmaceutical Separations
Total Credits31-32

Technical Electives

See Major Requirements.


See Major Requirements.

Sample Biological Systems Engineering Four-Year Plan—Machinery Systems Engineering Named option

MATH 2215MATH 2224
CHEM 10915PHYSICS 2025
LSC 100 (or other Comm A)3BSE 170 or INTEREGR 1702-3
General Education Course3BSE 3803
 16 14-15
Total Credits 30-31
MATH 2344M E 3613
General Education Course3M E 3063
E M A 2013M E/​E M A  3071
Biological Science Course3STAT 3243
BSE 2493BSE 3493
 E M A 2023
 BSE 3081
 16 17
Total Credits 33
BSE/​M E  4753BSE/​M E  4763
MATH 3203INTEREGR 397 (or other COMM B)3
M E 3633M E 3133
BSE 2703BSE 5082
BSE 3103BSE 3653
 15 14
Total Credits 29
BSE 5093General Education Courses6
BSE Breadth Requirement3Technical Electives9
AGRONOMY 100, DY SCI 101, or SOIL SCI 3014 
M E 3423 
 13 15
Total Credits 28