Completing the Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning represents your commitment to excellence as an educator. This certificate prepares you to become a leader in teaching and learning, promoting inclusive and effective educational experiences at the college level. Through this program, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive as an instructor and mentor, be competitive for faculty positions and other academic roles, and contribute to the advancement of teaching and learning practices in your discipline.

Within this certificate program, you will:

  • Build foundational knowledge and skills in evidence-based teaching
  • Develop strategies to foster inclusive and equitable learning experiences
  • Engage with a community that values teaching and learning in higher education
  • Become a more confident and effective instructor and mentor
  • Prepare for success in the academic job market

Graduate students in any disciplinary area are encouraged to engage in this certificate program, with or without previous teaching experience.


All Graduate School students must utilize the Graduate Student Portal in MyUW to add, change, or discontinue any graduate/professional certificate. To apply to this certificate, log in to MyUW, click on Graduate Student Portal, and then click on Add/Change Programs. Select the information for the certificate for which you are applying. Professional students in the careers of Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary cannot add the certificate in the Graduate Student Portal, and should contact the program for more information.

Students are encouraged to contact the certificate administrator (info@delta.wisc.edu) as soon as they are interested in the program. Students should add the certificate before completing more than four credits towards the certificate.


Students must complete the following courses:
E P D 654 Teaching in Science and Engineering2
or INTEGSCI 650 College Science Teaching
ELPA 662 Expeditions in Evidence-based Teaching and Learning2
ELPA 663 Capstone Seminar in Teaching and Learning1
Students must complete at least four credits from the electives course list. Courses outside of this list may be approved by the program.4
Total Credits9


INTEGSCI 605 Scientific Teaching for TAs (students must be concurrently TAing to take this course)1
INTEGSCI 640 Public Service in STEM1
INTEGSCI 660 Research Mentor Training Practicum (students must be concurrently mentoring to take this course)1
INTEGSCI 675 Special Topics1-3
ELPA 502 Workshop in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (Delta Internship Seminar)2
ELPA 701 Introduction to Higher and Post-Secondary Education3

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use principles of backward design to develop and align evidence-based, student-centered learning objectives, assessments, and learning activities for college students.
  2. Describe and design approaches to creating a successful learning community among diverse groups of learners.
  3. Integrate pedagogical knowledge and skills within disciplinary content knowledge to design effective and inclusive learning experiences for higher education learners.
  4. Develop a continuing practice of professional development and reflective growth in evidence-based and inclusive teaching.
  5. Demonstrate commitment and knowledge in higher education teaching through creating materials that integrate pedagogical knowledge and skills and align with career(s) of interest.