Founded in 1900, the School of Business established one of the first five business programs in the nation. That entrepreneurial spirit remains strong. 

As a student in the School of Business, you will find yourself inspired by peers, staff, alumni, business leaders, and world-renowned faculty who are focused, collaborative, and engaged in every aspect of the student experience. You will join a highly ranked program that equips you to meet both academic and career challenges. Employers value School of Business graduates because of the comprehensive preparation this learning environment provides. Graduates possess highly sought-after general management and specialized expertise in business. 

Joining collaborative, inspiring, trustworthy, and progressive Wisconsin School of Business alumni, Business Badgers graduate prepared to lead their organizations to success and transform the world of business. Together Forward!

Product Management

The Center for Brand and Product Management is the nation’s first university-based center focused on producing talent and knowledge in the field of brand and product management. The center was established to fill a gap—no one was training business students to be top-notch brand managers. Brand management is the one “specialty” that requires a breadth of business skills. The Center for Brand and Product Management’s unique environment—and uniquely effective blend of curriculum and applied learning—builds those skills. Since its inception in 2003, the Center for Brand and Product Management has had 100 percent internship placement and strong full-time placement at some of the best consumer-packaged-goods companies around the country. Students leave with a network, a community, and a portfolio of applied learning experiences. See the program website for more information.

Marketing Analytics & Insights

There is no better foundation for marketing action than marketing research. The A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research offers the premier full-time MBA in Business: Marketing program with a named option in Marketing Analytics & Insights. The center was established in 1990 and is built on the legacy and funding of the Arthur C. Nielsen Jr. family, pioneers in the field of marketing research. It was created to train MBA students in the specialized ideas, issues, and techniques of marketing research, as well as to help discover and disseminate new marketing research knowledge. See the program website for more information.

Students apply to the Master of Business Administration in Business: Marketing through one of the named options:

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Minimum Graduate School Requirements

Review the Graduate School minimum academic progress and degree requirements, in addition to the program requirements listed below.

Major Requirements


Minimum Credit Requirement See Named Options for policy information.
Minimum Residence Credit Requirement See Named Options for policy information.
Minimum Graduate Coursework Requirement Half of degree coursework must be completed graduate-level coursework; courses with the Graduate Level Coursework attribute are identified and searchable in the university's Course Guide (
Overall Graduate GPA Requirement 3.00 GPA required.
Other Grade Requirements The Graduate School requires an average grade of B or better in all coursework (300 or above, not including research credits) taken as a graduate student unless conditions for probationary status require higher grades. Grades of Incomplete are considered to be unsatisfactory if they are not removed during the next enrolled semester.
Assessments and Examinations n/a
Language Requirements n/a

Required COURSES 

Select a Named Option for courses required.

Named Options

A named option is a formally documented sub-major within an academic major program. Named options appear on the transcript with degree conferral. Students pursuing the MBA in Business: Marketing must select one of the following named options:

Students should refer to one of the named options for policy information:

Graduate School Resources

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  1. Design and manage marketing research studies to answer specific research questions. (Marketing Analytics & Insights Named Option)
  2. Articulate a business problem and translate it into a set of marketing research questions. (Marketing Analytics & Insights Named Option)
  3. Effectively communicate and defend business recommendations using consumer insights from the marketing analytics and insights they design and discover. (Marketing Analytics & Insights Named Option)
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of how to grow business profitably through marketing analytics and insights. (Marketing Analytics & Insights Named Option)
  5. Understand and adopt suitable qualitative and quantitative methodologies for the studies they design. (Marketing Analytics & Insights Named Option)
  6. Perform business analytics used to improve a brand's business results. (Product Management Named Option)
  7. Develop key elements of a brand's business plan that drive growth. (Product Management Named Option)
  8. Demonstrate professional protocols for succeeding in the corporate environment. (Product Management Named Option)
  9. Effectively communicate in order to drive growth for their brand's business. (Product Management Named Option)
  10. Understand how to lead a cross-functional brand and product team to achieve a goal or an objective. (Product Management Named Option)

Faculty: Professors O'Guinn (chair), Arora, Braker, Heide, Lim, Moreau, Thompson; Associate Professors Epp, Liu, Peck, Tanner; Assistant Professors Chung, Hoban, Mallucci, Polman, Weiss


AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

Accreditation status: Accredited. Next accreditation review: 2021-2022.