Admissions to the Business: Management and Human Resources: Entrepreneurship named option will be suspended in fall 2024 and discontinued in fall 2028. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

Entrepreneurship Option

A student must take a minimum of 12 credits, distributed as follows:

M H R 422 Entrepreneurial Management3
M H R 427 Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies3
Select two of following courses OR one from below and one from the elective options:6
Contemporary Topics (Creative Destruction Lab I and II) 1
Reading and Research-Management (Double counting of M H R 399 across options within the M H R major is prohibited.)
Venture Creation
Technology Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Finance
Total Credits12

Must take both Creative Destruction Lab I and Creative Destruction Lab II (3 credits total).

Human Resource Management
Challenges & Solutions in Business Sustainability
Contemporary Topics
Reading and Research-Management
The Management of Teams
Global Issues in Management
Management Consulting
Managing Change and Organizational Effectiveness
Strategic Management
Leadership Theory and Practice
Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship in Arts & Cultural Organizations
MATH 2115ECON 1014 
GEN BUS 1101PSYCH 2023 
Communications A3Science 3 
Ethnic Studies 3Humanities, Social Science, or Literature 3 
 12 13 
M H R 3003GEN BUS 3073FINANCE/​ECON  3003
GEN BUS 3063ACCT I S 2113 
ECON 1024OTM 3003 
ACCT I S 1003M H R 4343 
 16 15 3
M H R 4223M H R 399, FINANCE 457, M H R 305, M H R 310, M H R 365, M H R 401, M H R 403, M H R 412, M H R 423, M H R 441, or M H R 6283 
Ethics 13-4Business Breadth 3 
Communications B3-4Elective 3 
Elective 3Elective 3 
Elective 3  
 15-17 12 
GEN BUS 3013M H R 4273 
Humanities, Social Science, or Literature 3Business Breadth 3 
Humanities, Social Science, or Literature 3Science 3 
Elective 3Elective 3 
 12 12 
Total Credits 110-112

 Students must choose one of the following courses: PHILOS 241 Introductory EthicsPHILOS 243 Ethics in BusinessPHILOS 341 Contemporary Moral IssuesPHILOS/​ENVIR ST  441 Environmental Ethics