Admissions to the Business: Management and Human Resources: Entrepreneurship/Management named option will be suspended in fall 2024 and discontinued in fall 2028. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

Management & Entrepreneurship Option

This double option requires 18 credits; the layout of classes is found below:

M H R 422 Entrepreneurial Management3
M H R 423 Strategic Management3
M H R 427 Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies3
M H R 434 Venture Creation 13
or FINANCE 457 Entrepreneurial Finance
or M H R 399 Reading and Research-Management
Choose two of the following:6
Human Resource Management
Contemporary Topics
Reading and Research-Management 1
The Management of Teams
Global Issues in Management
Management Consulting
Managing Change and Organizational Effectiveness
Technology Entrepreneurship
Leadership Theory and Practice
Diversity in Organizations
Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship in Arts & Cultural Organizations
Total Credits18

Double counting of M H R 399 Reading and Research-Management within this option is prohibited.

MATH 2115ECON 1014 
GEN BUS 1101PSYCH 2023 
Communications A3Science3 
Ethnic Studies 3Humanities, Social Science, or Literature 3 
 12 13 
GEN BUS 3063ACCT I S 2113 
ACCT I S 1003OTM 3003 
M H R 3003MARKETNG 3003 
GEN BUS 3603M H R 305, 399, 401, 403, or 4123 
 16 15 3
M H R 4223Business Breadth 3 
M H R 4233Humanities, Social Science, or Literature 3 
Communications B3-4Elective 3 
Ethics 13-4Elective 3 
Elective 3M H R 305, 399, 401, 403, or 4123 
 15-17 15 
M H R 434, 399, or FINANCE 4573M H R 4273 
Humanities, Social Science, or Literature 3Business Breadth 3 
GEN BUS 3013Science 3 
Elective 3Elective 3 
Elective 3  
 15 12 
Total Credits 116-118

 Students must choose one of the following courses: PHILOS 241 Introductory EthicsPHILOS 243 Ethics in BusinessPHILOS 341 Contemporary Moral IssuesPHILOS/​ENVIR ST  441 Environmental Ethics