The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers an undergraduate option in environmental engineering. Students taking the environmental engineering option will earn an ABET-accredited B.S. degree in civil engineering. The transcript will indicate that the student has earned a Bachelor of Science–Civil Engineering with option: Environmental Engineering.

Students must complete the following BS Civil Engineering requirements: Introduction to Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Basic Science, Mechanics, Tools, Breadth, Communications, and Liberal Studies. EV requirements for Civil Engineering Design and Engineering Electives are listed here. Students must also meet the Environmental Engineering Breadth Requirement, also listed here.


CIV ENGR 578 Senior Capstone Design4
Every student must take at least one course in the environmental or water resources discipline and another course in a different discipline, for a total of 6 credits. One of the two courses MUST be completed BEFORE taking CIV ENGR 578 Senior Capstone Design.6
Water Resources
Hydrologic Design
Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Solid and Hazardous Wastes Engineering
Water Treatment Plant Design
Hazardous Waste Management
Wood Structures I
Steel Structures I
Concrete Structures I
Highway Bridges
Seepage and Slopes
Geometric Design of Transport Facilities
Traffic Control
Advanced Pavement Design
Note: If a student takes three or more courses from the above list, two of those courses will count toward this civil engineering design requirement and the other courses will count toward the electives requirement (see section below).
Total Credits10


  1. Students must take at least 3 credits of coursework from an ABET-accredited degree-granting program outside of the bachelor of science in civil engineering program. InterEGR and EPD courses do not qualify for meeting this requirement; any courses cross-listed with Civil Engineering (CEE) do not qualify for meeting this requirement.
  2. Select at least one of the following: CIV ENGR 322 Environmental Engineering Processes or CIV ENGR 410 Hydraulic Engineering.
  3. Students must take at least 7 credits of coursework that meets at least one of the following1, 2, 3, 4:
    1. Any course offered by an engineering department, including but not limited to CEE.
    2. Any intermediate- or advanced-level course with a breadth designation of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and/or Natural Sciences. These courses cannot also carry a breadth designation of Social Sciences, Humanities, or Literature.
    3. Any of the following business courses: ACCT I S 300 Accounting Principles, FINANCE/​ECON  300 Introduction to Finance, GEN BUS 301 Business LawM H R 300 Managing OrganizationsREAL EST/​A A E/​ECON/​URB R PL  306 The Real Estate Process.

Total Credits: 13


Courses selected to meet the design and electives requirement above must also be selected in a manner that meets this requirement. At least one CEE course must be selected from at least three of the specialty groups in the table below.

Water Resources
CIV ENGR 410 Hydraulic Engineering3
CIV ENGR 412 Groundwater Hydraulics3
CIV ENGR 414 Hydrologic Design3
CIV ENGR 415 Hydrology3
CIV ENGR 416 Water Resources Systems Analysis3
CIV ENGR 619 Special Topics in Hydrology1-3
Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CIV ENGR 411 Open Channel Hydraulics3
CIV ENGR 514 Coastal Engineering2-3
CIV ENGR 618 Special Topics in Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics1-3
Environmental Chemistry & Biotechnology
CIV ENGR 500 Water Chemistry3
CIV ENGR 501 Water Analysis-Intermediate3
CIV ENGR/​SOIL SCI  623 Microbiology of Waterborne Pathogens and Indicator Organisms3
CIV ENGR 629 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering (Topic: Environmental Microbial Biotechnology)1-3
Water & Wastewater Treatment
CIV ENGR 322 Environmental Engineering Processes3
CIV ENGR/​BSE/​SOIL SCI  372 On-Site Waste Water Treatment and Dispersal2
CIV ENGR 426 Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants3
CIV ENGR 428 Water Treatment Plant Design3
Geoenvironmental & Hazardous Wastes
CIV ENGR/​G L E  421 Environmental Sustainability Engineering3
CIV ENGR 427 Solid and Hazardous Wastes Engineering3
CIV ENGR 522 Hazardous Waste Management3
CIV ENGR/​G L E  635 Remediation Geotechnics3
Occupational & Public Health
CIV ENGR 422 Elements of Public Health Engineering3
Air Pollution Control
CIV ENGR 423 Air Pollution Effects, Measurement and Control3
CIV ENGR 609 Special Topics in Water Chemistry (Topic: Aerosol and Air Pollution Lab)1-3