Students enrolled in a UW–Madison doctoral program can pursue a doctoral minor in biophysics. The doctoral minor offers substantial training in biophysics. A doctoral minor in biophysics can serve as supplement to training in a broad range of disciplines in which physics, physical chemistry, biology, and medicine intersect. The biophysics minor will give students a rigorous understanding of quantitative approaches to physical and chemical problems in the life sciences. Course offerings that provide pedagogical instruction to biophysics students serve as the basis for the biophysics minor. 

Required Courses
CHEM/​BIOCHEM  665 Biophysical Chemistry4
CHEM 668 Biophysical Spectroscopy2-3
Elective Course3
Students choose one or more of the following or any course used to satisfy elective requirements for the Biophysics Ph.D.:
Protein and Enzyme Structure and Function
Prokaryotic Molecular Biology
Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Total Credits9-10

Faculty Trainers:

Alessandro Senes – Program Director (Biochemistry) Website

Silvia Cavangerno – Program Assistant Director (Chemistry) Website

Paul Ahlquist (Oncology) Website

Tom Brunold (Chemistry) Website

Andrew Buller (Chemistry) Website

Mark Burkard (Medicine) Website

Briana Burton (Bacteriology) Website

Sam Butcher (Biochemistry) Website

Ed Chapman (Neuroscience) Website

Josh Coon (Chemistry) Website

Scott Coyle (Biochemistry) Website

Cindy Czajkowski (Neuroscience) Website

Katrina Forest (Bacteriology) Website

Sam Gellman (Chemistry) Website

Pupa Gilbert (Physics) Website

Randy Goldsmith (Chemistry) Website

Tim Grant (Biochemistry) Website

Aviad Hai (Biomedical Engineering) Website

Jeff Hardin (Zoology) Website

Katie Henzler-Wildman (Biochemistry) Website

Aaron Hoskins (Biochemistry) Website

Xuhui Huang (Chemistry) Website

Meyer Jackson (Neuroscience Department) Website

Jim Keck (Biomolecular Chemistry) Website

Robert Kirchdoerfer (Biochemistry) Website

Bob Landick (Biochemistry) Website

Ci Ji Lim (Biochemistry) Website

Megan McClean (Biomedical Engineering) Website

Matthew Merrins (Biomolecular Chemistry) Website

Jacob Notbohm (Engineering Physics) Website

Vatsan Raman (Biochemistry) Website

Ivan Rayment (Biochemistry) Website

Chad Rienstra (Biochemistry) Website

Gail Robertson (Neuroscience) Website

Phil Romero (Biochemistry) Website

Kris Saha (Biomedical Engineering) Website

David Schwartz (Chemistry) Website

Nate Sherer (Oncology) Website

Raunak Sinha (Neuroscience) Website

Melissa Skala (Biomedical Engineering) Website

Lloyd Smith (Chemistry) Website

Aussie Suzuki (Oncology) Website

Reid Van Lehn (Chemical and Biological Engineering) Website

Ophelia Venturelli (Biochemistry) Website

Amy Weeks (Biochemistry) Website

Liz Wright (Biochemistry) Website

Yongna Xing (Oncology): Website

John Yin (Chemical and Biological Engineering) Website

Martin Zanni (Chemistry) Website

Please consult our faculty trainer site as new faculty are added to the program each year.