Our undergraduate programs in French and Italian feature an array of courses in language, literature, culture, professional communication and film.  Available to speakers at all levels and based in the humanist tradition, our courses are designed to help students develop proficiency in the language, deepen their knowledge of the literature and culture of the places where that language is spoken, and become more marketable for jobs, graduate and professional programs, and a myriad forms of service, both public and private. 

Placement test

Students who have prior language experience in French or Italian should take a placement test.  For French, please refer to Testing and Evaluation Services to register for the placement test. For Italian, please contact the undergraduate advisor for more information about the Informal Italian placement test.  

Study Abroad

For information about study abroad programs, see International Academic Programs and programs in the student's school or college.

French faculty

Professors Bousquet, Goodkin, Miernowski, Vatan, Vila

Associate Professors Armstrong, El Nossery, Willis Allen

Faculty Associates Deitz, Theobald

Senior Lecturer Miernowska

Italian faculty

Professors Buccini, Livorni, Rumble

Associate Professors Menechella, Phillips-Court, Todorovic

Faculty Associate Eadie

French & ITALIAN PEOPLe page

French House

La Maison Française, a francophone (French-speaking) residence hall and cultural center, is managed by the Department of French and Italian. Residence is open to UW–Madison students with the equivalent of a fourth-semester level of French. At least two native French graduate students reside in the house, aiding in conversation and facilitating the use of French. Most residents are Americans: prospective teachers of French, French majors, and students in other disciplines who want to speak French on a daily basis. Applications should be made well in advance. More information is available on the French House website

The French House is open to the public for Wednesday dinner and Friday lunch during the academic year.

Clubs and Other Activities


Undergraduates are welcome at scholarly talks and department events on an array of subjects (see department website and the French House website for event details). Please contact the undergraduate advisor for more information about French activities.


The Italian Club is a registered student organization run by students involved in the Italian program and open to any and all UW community members who have an interest in Italian culture. Club members are encouraged to organize and participate in cultural events on campus and in the community, including our annual Cena italiana in the Spring. Members of the Italian Club and Italian Ambassadors also organize the Circolo della bella lingua, a regular language meet-up geared toward allowing students of all levels to practice their Italian speaking in an informal setting. Finally, the Cineteca Italiana organizes weekly screenings of Italian films. Undergraduates are also welcome at scholarly talks and department events on an array of subjects (see department website for event details).