The Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Program (CLS) offers a systematic and interdisciplinary analysis of Mexican- and Latin-American-origin people, cultures, and collectivities within the United States. The CLS certificate is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base and the intellectual tools to understand the unity and diversity of U.S. Latina/o populations. The primary objective of the CLS program is to train students in the study of Chicana/o and Latina/os, as well as to introduce them to the central questions, topics, and applications that have emerged in this field of inquiry.

CLS offers a variety of courses, some focusing on particular national-origin groups or specific academic disciplines, and others organized around comparative topics or issues. We welcome you to join our academic community of learners.
Note: The @ ending ("a" at the center of "o") offers a simultaneous presentation of both the feminine and masculine word endings of Chicana, Chicano, Latina, and Latino and allows readers/speakers to choose the form they prefer.


  • Armando Ibarra (School for Workers)


  • Falina Enriquez (Anthropology)
  • Jim Escalante (Art)
  • Alberta M. Gloria (Counseling Psychology)
  • Mary Louise Gomez (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Taucia Gonzalez (Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education)
  • Paola Hernandez (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Armando Ibarra (School for Workers, UW Division of Extension)
  • Susan L. Johnson (History)
  • Michael Light (Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies and Sociology)
  • Ruben Medina (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Alfonso Morales (Urban and Regional Planning)
  • Mariana Pacheco (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Steve Quintana (Counseling Psychology)
  • Carolina Sarmiento (School of Human Ecology)
  • Revel Sims (Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies and Urban and Regional Planning)
  • Lynet Uttal (Counseling Psychology)
  • Carmen Valdez (Counseling Psychology)
  • Kate Vieira (English)
  • Juan Zalapa (Horticulture)


  • Megan Bailon
  • Sarah Bruno

Emeritus Faculty

  • Andrea-Teresa Arenas
  • Consuelo López-Springfield
  • Francisco Scarano, and
  • Steve Stern


  • Rachelle Eilers (Certificate Advisor)
  • Peter Haney (Program Administrator)
  • Samantha Arroyo (Project Assistant)