The Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture offers two undergraduate programs. One is a professional landscape design and planning program, fully accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects, and leads to the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture special degree within the College of Letters & Science. The other program introduces the field of landscape studies and leads to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Landscape and Urban Studies.


Landscape Architecture

David Bart, Professor; Jacob Blue, Associate Lecturer; Ed Bosewell, Assistant Faculty Associate; Samuel Dennis Jr, Professor; Doug Hadley, Senior Lecturer; Professor; Evelyn A. Howell, Professor; Shawn T. Kelly, Distinguished Faculty Associate; James LaGro, Jr, Professor; Mary Myers, Senior Lecturer; Eric Schuchardt, Associate Faculty Associate; James Steiner, Senior Lecturer; Bradley Vowels-Katter, Associate Faculty Associate

Urban and Regional Planning

Ken Genskow, Professor; James LaGro, Jr, Professor; Edna Ledesma, Assistant Professor; Gavin Luter, Associate Lecturer; Dave Marcouiller, Professor; Alfonso Morales, Chair and Professor; Brian W. Ohm, Professor; Kurt Paulsen, Associate Professor; Revel Sims, Assistant Professor; Jeff Sledge, Associate Scientist


Deborah Griffin, Undergraduate Coordinator


Patrick J. Cunniffe, Financial Specialist-Senior; Kelsey Hughes, Department Administrator; W. Math Heinzel, Senior Information Processing Consultant, IT Support, GIS Specialist; Alfonso Morales, Chair

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