The Department of Landscape Architecture offers two undergraduate programs. One is a professional landscape design and planning program, fully accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects, and leads to the bachelor of science–landscape architecture degree (BSLA). The other program introduces the field of landscape studies and leads to a bachelor of science degree with a major in landscape architecture (B.S.).


Landscape Architecture

David Bart, Associate Professor; Samuel Dennis Jr, Associate Professor; Janet Gilmore, Professor; Doug Hadley, Senior Lecturer; John Harrington, Professor; Evelyn A. Howell, Professor; Shawn T. Kelly, Faculty Associate; James LaGro, Jr, Professor; Eric Schuchardt, Associate Faculty Associate; Janet Silbernagel, Professor; James Steiner, Senior Lecturer; Kristin Thorleifsdottir, Assistant Professor

Urban and Regional Planning

Ken Genskow, Chair and Professor; Asligül Göçmen, Associate Professor; Yunji Kim, Assistant Professor; James LaGro, Jr, Professor; Dave Marcouiller, Professor; Alfonso Morales, Professor; Brian W. Ohm, Professor; Kurt Paulsen, Associate Professor; Revel Sims, Assistant Professor; Jeff Sledge, Associate Scientist


Deborah Griffin, Undergraduate Coordinator; Lauren Szafranski, Graduate Coordinator


Patrick J. Cunniffe, Financial Specialist-Senior; Ken Genskow, Chair; Shira Hand, Department Administrator; W. Math Heinzel, Senior Information Processing Consultant, IT Support, GIS Specialist

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