The Psychology major is one of the largest majors in the College of Letters & Science, focusing on several areas in the field of Psychological Science: biological, clinical, cognition & cognitive neuroscience, perception, developmental, and social & personality.

The mission of the undergraduate program in psychology is to provide students with opportunities to:

  • learn about the multiple content areas of scientific psychology
  • develop the ability to think critically and quantitatively
  • enhance communication skills in the classroom and in writing
  • prepare for the most rigorous graduate and professional programs
  • apply the science of psychology to the well-being of citizens of Wisconsin and the global community

Some students will go to graduate school and become the next generation of psychological scientists and educators who will create and disseminate new knowledge. Others will choose careers in other areas, including but not limited to business, medicine, law, education, and counseling. Through its strong interdisciplinary connections with the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and medical sciences, scientific psychology is positioned well to influence critical issues for society. Because all courses in psychology emphasize critical thinking and the analysis of research, the Undergraduate Program prepares students to take on the challenges of and fully participate in an increasingly complex, multicultural world.

Faculty and Instructional Staff

Professors: Bennett (chair), Abramson, Alibali, Auger, Berridge, Brauer, Curtin, Davidson, Devine, Gernsbacher, Glasford, Green, Gooding, Harackiewicz, Marler, Niedenthal, Pollak, Postle, Rogers, Ryff, Saffran, Shutts

Associate Professors: Austerweil, Li, Lupyan, Saalmann, Schloss, Walsh

Assistant Professors: Buttrick, Chadwick, Ferrigno, Hawkins, Jerald

Instructional Staff: Addington, Andrews, Caldwell, Coffey, Gallimore, Greenberg, Henriques, Jones, Konz, Pflum, Reinholtz, Van Rybroek, Winston