The Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS) curriculum provides a platform for students to study how equity and social justice are connected to gender, sexuality, and identity. Gender and Women's Studies students explore the field through traditional disciplines, such as literature, history, anthropology, sociology, public health, education, law, biology, psychology, political science, and the visual arts. Students in our courses develop strong analytical and communication skills through classroom discussion, writing, and independent projects. Undergraduates in our programs can pursue research skills through thesis writing, as well as professional development opportunities through career workshops with alumni and in our internship program. As a result, graduates from our programs apply a critical lens in fields like health and public policy, social justice and advocacy, reproductive justice, non-profit administration, clinical medicine, software development, communications, and media production.

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies offers a variety of programs. Students can declare the Gender and Women’s Studies major and/or certificates, or minors, in Gender and Women’s Studies or LGBTQ+ Studies. The Gender and Women’s Studies certificate and the LGBTQ+ Studies certificate are both 5-course, 15-credit programs.

For more information about the department, including course listings, undergraduate advising, sample syllabi, and faculty bios, students can visit the GWS website.


Professors Jill Casid, Finn Enke, Christine Garlough, Jenny Higgins, Judith Houck, Janet Hyde, Maria Lepowsky, Aili Mari Tripp

Associate Professors Anna Campbell, Pernille Ipsen, Keisha Lindsay, Ellen Samuels, Sami Schalk, Kate Walsh

Assistant Professors Ruth Goldstein, LiLi Johnson, James McMaster, Annie Menzel, Benjamin Mier-Cruz, Marwa Shalaby, Jess Waggoner, Kelly Ward

Faculty Affiliates: See the GEN&WS Faculty Affiliates for more information about instructors on campus who are engaged in feminist-inspired teaching and research.


See the current semester's GEN&WS Lecturers and Teaching Assistants directory.

UNDERgraduate Student SErvices

Academic Advising: Susan Nelson

Curricular Planning: Nina Valeo Cooke