Individuals who wish to enroll in a credit course, have at least a baccalaureate degree, and are not currently in a degree program at UW–Madison are eligible for admission as a University Special student in the professional or personal enrichment classification (UNDS). This may include:

  • teachers, social workers, and others seeking enrollment for professional development
  • graduate students from other U.S. colleges and universities
  • individuals seeking personal enrichment
  • individuals wishing to explore an interest for further study
  • students graduating and who wish to enroll in a course in the next term

Note, grades earned as a University Special student will not change a previous cumulative undergraduate or graduate degree GPA earned at UW–Madison, including if a course is repeated. 

How to Get in

There is no application fee. Apply by using the University Special student Application at least one month before the start of the term as it can take one to two weeks to review and process an application. An official transcript is typically not needed. 

University Special students admitted in the UNDS classification are eligible to enroll in any course for which they are qualified or receive instructor permission, if there is space available. This includes both undergraduate and graduate level courses.