Applicants who are preparing for admission to graduate or professional school at UW–Madison or elsewhere  may be admitted under the post-baccalaureate prerequisite coursework (UNRS) classification. This includes:

  • Individuals needing to complete required courses prior to applying to graduate or professional school
  • Individuals who have been advised by the graduate program to begin their studies as a University Special student. (These individuals should be advised to consult with the graduate coordinator regarding the policy on whether the credits earned may apply eventually toward a graduate degree.)

How to Get in

Apply by using the University Special student Application at least one month before the start of the term as it can take one to two weeks to review and process an application. An official transcript is typically not needed. 

University Special students admitted in the UNRS classification are eligible to enroll in any course for which they are qualified or receive instructor permission, if there is space available. This includes both undergraduate and graduate level courses.