Wisconsin residents who are 60 years of age or older by the beginning of the term qualify to audit courses on a cost-free basis. The opportunity is only for lecture courses with the instructor's approval and if space is available.

Course selection

Auditing is defined as sitting in on a lecture course and not actively participating. Auditors may not recite, perform, or take examinations, although regular attendance is expected. Courses that by their nature require active participation or performance are not available on a Guest Auditor basis.

Classes typically not available to audit are conversational languages including American Sign Language (ASL); studio and performing arts including music; writing, math, and computer lab courses; independent study and directed study; and seminar, research, and colloquium courses.

Instructor permission is required. 

Grading for auditors

Audited courses are listed on a student's official UW–Madison transcript with "AU" in place of number of credits and either "S" (satisfactory) or "NR" (no report) listed for the grade. Prior to enrolling, Guest auditors discuss with the instructor the standard for earning an "S" in the particular course.

How to Get in

If you are a Wisconsin resident, 60 years or older, and wish to qualify for tuition-free status, apply using the University Special student online application at least three weeks before the start of the term. UGSR is the designation on the admissions application and course roster.