Preselected by a Department or Program

Admission requirements are established by the department and program, which screens prospective students and provides information regarding the steps to complete an application for admission. The steps will include completion of a University Special student application, in addition to any specific program or department requirements. UNPS is the designation on the admissions application and course roster. 

Once admitted to the university, enrollment instructions which are customized for the department or program with specific course numbers are provided to the student.


Prospective students who have consulted with an advisor and received support for admission in this classification, apply using the University Special students application—indicating their academic goal and name of the advisor. Applying at least one month before the start of the term is recommended as it takes one to two weeks to review and process an application. UNOS is the designation on the admissions application and course roster.

Full-time ESL Program

IEP considers applicants for admission each term: fall, spring, or summer.  View the ESL website for admission requirements and application information.