Students in this classification have been selected to participate for credit in a specific course, seminar, institute, workshop, or program. Admission requirements are established by the program or department that makes the final admission decision. These students are assessed tuition at the undergraduate student rate (Wisconsin resident or nonresident) unless students are participating in a program that has a nonstandard tuition rate.

For most preselected special students, enrollment is for one term only for the specific course or program. Students who wish to be considered for enrollment in a subsequent term must contact the Adult Career and Special Student Services office to request a change of classification based on their academic plans or goals.

How to Get in

Admission requirements are established by the department and/or program, which screens prospective students and provides information regarding the steps to complete an application for admission. The steps will include completion of a University Special student application, in addition to any specific program or department requirements. UNPS is the designation on the admissions application and course roster.