Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Certificates

The Department of Art conducts an exemplary experimental undergraduate program emphasizing the importance of a broad background in the study and practice of visual art and design, liberal arts, and knowledge of art and design movements throughout history.

The nationally and internationally recognized faculty of visual artists and designers provides a stimulating educational environment to prepare students for careers in a broad array of creative fields and/or graduate study. The program also supports and encourages the development of a visually and culturally literate community.

The art department offers two professional programs, Art and Art Education. Art majors may pursue either the Bachelor of Science degree or the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Art majors wanting to complete a strong emphasis in graphic design may pursue either the Bachelor of Science: Graphic Design or Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design options. Art Education majors receive the Bachelor of Science–Art Education degree and eligibility to apply for licensure to teach in both elementary and secondary schools. Entrance requirements vary for each program. All degree programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Art can be found on the department's website.