Students who pursue an undergraduate degree in dance gain an in-depth understanding and mastery of dance as an art form and an area of scholarly inquiry. Dance courses focus on the study of various dance techniques and movement practices, dance repertory, performance, improvisation, composition, movement analysis, body studies, dance history, dance and politics, dance and identity, and dance writing. Dance courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison stress personal creativity, individual growth, strong technical training, and historical, theoretical, and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Two undergraduate options are offered in dance. The Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dance (BFA) undergraduate degree program in dance is for students with a strong interest and aptitude in dance and/or professional dance theater. The Bachelor of Science–Dance option is designed for students who wish to combine their interest in dance with other fields of study, or to prepare for graduate work in dance studies or related disciplines. The BFA requires a minimum of 85 major credits, including public presentations of original work, while the BS degree requires a minimum of 57 major credits. Students are admitted to the degree program in dance by audition

The Department of Dance also offers five certificate programs open to students across the campus: a general certificate in Dance, a certificate in Dance Education, one in Dance Studies, a certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy, and another certificate in Pilates.

Introductory dance courses are open to all university students. Dance technique courses at the 200 level and above are also open to students with the prerequisite skill level, which is determined by placement auditions typically held during the first week of classes.


Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Dance can be found on the department's website.