The Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education prepares personnel, through professional education, research, and service, for the education and/or rehabilitation of people of all ages with disabilities. Instruction and research emphasize educational and behavioral assessment and treatment of children, as well as counseling, assessment, case management, advocacy, and job placement with adults to facilitate improved personal, social, and vocational adjustment.

Targeted populations encompassed by the program include adults and children with physical disabilities, emotional disabilities, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, alcohol and other drug abuse, and persons involved with the criminal justice system.

Special education and rehabilitation psychology are intrinsically related, both in basic objectives and in professional education and research. The instructional program includes core study areas, practica, and research experiences relevant to the development of various professional roles.

Three undergraduate programs are available to undergraduate students:

The new Disability Rights and Services Certificate may be completed by students pursuing other majors on campus.

Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education can be found on the department's website.