A degree in Theatre and Drama from the University of Wisconsin–Madison opens doors to a wide range of careers. Our alumni are successful in theatre, film, television, gaming, production management, development, design, education, and all aspects of the entertainment industry. Our faculty are active theatre professionals who bring current and practical knowledge into the classrooms and productions. Our department is well known for the individual attention, mentoring, and commitment we give our students.

Through mainstage, open-stage, and student-produced works, the Department of Theatre and Drama provides students with excellent opportunities to apply the skills and techniques learned in the classroom within fully staged productions.

Theatre and Drama majors will complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre and Drama through the School of Education. Majors may informally select areas of emphasis such as design, stage management, directing, acting, or theatre technology.  Students whose primary interest is acting may pursue the Acting Option. An audition is required prior to acceptance to the Acting Option, and is held each semester. Students should see the department advisor for more information on the Acting Option.

Non-majors who wish to extend their familiarity with theatre in theory and practice are encouraged to enroll in department courses and participate in productions. The Certificate in Theatre allows students from across campus, regardless of their major or degree program, to engage in a structured, meaningful theatre-related experience. The department has hosted students from many disciplines—such as law, business, medicine, art, dance, science, and social work—who wish to develop effective communication skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and cultivate visual acumen.

Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Theatre and Drama can be found on the department's website.