Student walking into the red door entrance at the School of Education building.

The Department of Educational Policy Studies offers many courses for undergraduate students, including courses in the history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy of education, comparative and international education, and educational equity. Courses emphasize the social context of programs and impact of policies on equity, justice, and well-being. The department has strong ties with institutions and scholars in other countries.

The Department of Educational Policy Studies offers an undergraduate degree program in Education Studies. The Bachelor of Science degree in Education Studies is designed to meet the needs of a growing number of undergraduate students who are interested in working in domestic and/or global educational policy and practice.

The Department features four certificate programs. The popular Educational Policy Studies (EPS) Certificate formalizes a student's interest in education policy, generally. The Social Justice and Education Certificate provides students with a foundational understanding of the social, political, and economic inequities that shape our schools and broader society, as well as the ways in which educators, students, administrators, parents, and community members have sought to interrupt these inequities (historically and contemporarily). The Global Languages, Cultures, and Education Certificate courses examine the relationships among cultural diversity, social inequality, and language. They provide students with skills to work globally, within and beyond schools, in the fields of language policy, planning, and programming and culture, communication, and education.  Finally, courses in the International Education and Development Certificate investigate the complex issues that shape international educational policies, programming, and practices as they address challenges such as poverty, inequality, forced migration, sustainability, colonialism, and human rights. Students explore careers in international development education and global service with governmental and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and community development organizations.

Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Educational Policy Studies can be found on the department's website.