The study of movement, exercise, and occupation has the potential to dramatically impact health and quality of life. Department programs focus on the scientific study of exercise, movement, and human occupation, applying this study to health, physical education, and functional performance. The department's ultimate goal is to enhance human health, productivity, and quality of life.

The B.S. degree in Athletic Training prepares students to become certified athletic trainers. The B.S. degree in Kinesiology prepares students for graduate or professional study, and the B.S. degree in Physical Education prepares teacher education students to teach physical education in elementary and secondary schools.

A new, collaborative degree program in Health Promotion and Health Equity is broadly designed to provide students with the skills and perspectives to facilitate healthy practices at the individual and societal levels.

Two new certificates in Athletic Healthcare and Promoting Activity for Diverse Abilities, may be completed by students pursuing other majors on campus.

The department also offers theory, activity, and leadership courses to improve understanding, appreciation, and use of the body in movement and sports. These classes are open to all university students.

Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Kinesiology can be found on the department's website.