To begin the cer­tifi­cate dec­la­ra­tion process, students must submit the Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram Appli­ca­tion form to the American Indian Studies office.  Students should contact the AIS certificate advisor to obtain the form and to obtain more details about the program. The certificate is open to Special students and undergraduate students regardless of the college of enrollment.

requirements for the certificate

15 total credits are required, as follows:

Introduction to American Indian Studies:
AMER IND 100 Introduction to American Indian Studies3
Complete four courses from at least two of the following areas:12
American Indian Art History: Contemporary Issues
American Indian History
Literature and Media
Literatures of Native America
Literature by American Indian Women
American Indians in Film
American Indian Folklore
Native American Environmental Issues and the Media
Indians of North America
Native Peoples of the Southwest
Indians of the Western Great Lakes
Archaeology of Wisconsin
First Semester Ojibwe
Second Semester Ojibwe
Survey of North American Indian Languages
Ojibwe Language III
Ojibwe Language IV
American Indian Social and Cultural Issues
Introduction to Comparative US Ethnic and American Indian Studies
Indians of Wisconsin
Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
Managing Nature in Native North America
American Indian Women
Issues in American Indian Studies
American Indian Families
Poverty and Place
Social Work in American Indian Communities: The Indian Child Welfare Act
American Indian Affairs
Total Credits15

​Residence and Quality of Work

  • ​Minimum 2.000 GPA on all certificate courses.
  • 6 credits may be taken as pass/fail. All other credits must be taken for a letter grade.
  • At least 8 certificate credits must be completed in residence.

Undergraduate/Special Student Certificates

This certificate may be completed within the context of an undergraduate degree or as a Special student after an undergraduate degree has been awarded from any institution. The certificate may be completed in its entirety while enrolled as a Special student. Candidates are encouraged to contact the certificate coordinator to discuss course enrollment and the sequencing of certificate requirements. 

  1. Apply knowledge and methods of inquiry characteristic of this interdisciplinary field.
  2. Apply knowledge of historical precedents to contemporary issues.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the creativity and ethos contained within the diverse ways of knowing (Indigenous Knowledge Systems) among American Indian nations and communities.
  4. Apply knowledge of the effects (ongoing) of oppression and racism that American Indians experience.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the contributions of American Indian value-belief systems and practical knowledge across all fields of human endeavor.

Students are required to declare the American Indian studies (AIS) certificate. For academic advising regarding the certificate, students should contact the AIS certificate advisor to obtain more details about the certificate program and general academic advising. Contact  Denise Wiyaka at denise.wiyaka@wisc.edu or request information by sending an email to ais@letsci.wisc.edu. Students can also visit the AIS office at 316 Ingraham Hall.

Director: Denise Wiyaka