There are no prerequisites to declaring the certificate; students are encouraged to declare as soon as they are comfortable. Declaration of the certificate occurs via an online form, but students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with an Economics advisor.

Economics majors are not eligible to declare this certificate.

Requirements for the Certificate

The certificate requires at least 14 credits, from:

Complete one option from each category:
Microeconomics (complete one course):3-4
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory - Advanced Treatment
Statistics (complete one option):4-8
Statistics: Measurement in Economics
Introduction to Data Modeling I
and Introduction to Data Modeling II
R for Statistics I
and Applied Regression Analysis
Econometrics (complete one course)4
Introduction to Applied Econometrics
Introductory Econometrics
Data-Related Economics Elective (complete one course):3-4
Economic Forecasting
Fundamentals of Data Analytics for Economists
Topics in Economic Data Analysis
Total Credits14

Residence and Quality of Work

  • Minimum 2.000 GPA on all certificate courses
  • At least 7 credits must be taken in residence at UW-Madison 

Certification Completion Requirement

This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree. Students cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

  1. apply microeconomic models to understand and interpret individual behavior and market outcomes as the result of individual optimization
  2. estimate the value of unknown parameters and test theories using formal hypothesis tests
  3. summarize the conditions required for a statistical association to represent a causal relationship; evaluate the extent to which those conditions hold in particular settings; interpret the results when those conditions don’t hold
  4. download, clean, and analyze large economic datasets using modern statistical software

Academic Advising

If you are wondering how this certificate can fit into your academic plans or help with your career goals, be sure to meet with an advisor.  Our academic advisors can help you create an academic plan and ensure you are making the most of your academic experience.  Find us on the campus map.
Phone: 608-262-6925

Economics Career Development Office

The Economics Career Development Office (ECDO) provides career advising to help economics students explore career options and search for jobs and internships including reviewing application materials (cover letter and resume).  Career advisors work with students to develop an individualized job/internship strategy based on the student's background and career goals.  Career advising is open to declared economics majors, anyone considering majoring in economics, or students pursuing the Economic Analytics certificate who would like economics-specific career advice.   Set up an appointment or email your questions to 


  • Aizawa, Naoki, Assistant Professor
    Labor Economics, Health Economics, Public Economics
  • Blank, Rebecca, Professor
    Public Economics, Labor Economics
  • Boerma, Job, Assistant Professor
    Macroeconomics, Public Finance
  • Braxton Carter, Assistant Professor
    Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Consumer Finance
  • Chiang, Harold, Assistant Professor
  • Corbae, Dean, Professor
  • Coulibaly, Louphou, Assistant Professor
    International Finance and Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
  • Deneckere, Raymond, Professor
    Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
  • Engel, Charles, Professor
    International Economics, Macroeconomics
  • Fu, Chao, Professor
    Labor Economics
  • Gregory, Jesse, Associate Professor
    Labor Economics, Public Economics
  • Hansen, Bruce, Professor
  • Hendricks, Kennan, Professor
    Industrial Organization
  • Houde, Jean-Francois, Professor
  • Kirpalani, Rishabh, Assistant Professor
    Macroeconomics, Public Finance, International Economics, Financial Economics
  • Lentz, Rasmus, Professor
    Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics
  • Magnolfi, Lorenzo, Assistant Professor
    Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
  • Martellini, Paolo, Assistant Professor
    Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics
  • Mommaerts, Corina, Assistant Professor
    Public Economics, Labor Economics
  • O’Connell, Martin, Assistant Professor
    Public Economics, Industrial Organization
  • Porter, Jack, Professor
  • Quint, Daniel, Associate Professor
    Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
  • Rostek, Marzena, Professor
    Microeconomic Theory, Market Design, Finance
  • Ruhl, Kim, Professor
    International Economics
  • Scholz, John Karl, Professor
    Public Economics
  • Seshadri, Ananth, Professor
    Macroeconomics, Public Finance
  • Shi, Xiaoxia, Professor
  • Smith, Jeffrey, Professor
    Labor Economics, Public Economics
  • Smith, Lones, Professor
    Microeconomic Theory
  • Soelvsten, Mikkel, Assistant Professor
  • Sorensen, Alan, Professor
    Industrial Organization
  • Sullivan, Christopher, Assistant Professor
    Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
  • Taber, Christopher, Professor
    Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Public Economics
  • Walker, James, Professor
    Labor Economics, Econometrics
  • Weretka, Marek, Associate Professor
    Economic Theory, Finance
  • West, Kenneth, Professor
    Macroeconomics, Econometrics
  • Williams, Noah, Professor
  • Wiswall, Matthew, Professor
    Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Education and Demographic Economics
  • Wright, Randall, Professor
    Macroeconomics, Finance

Affiliated Faculty

  • Chang, Briana
    Financial Intermediation, Information Frictions, Search and Matching Theory
  • Chinn, Menzie
  • Chung, Kevin
    Quantitative Marketing
  • Montgomery, James
    Economic Sociology, Religion, General Social Theory, Demography and Ecology, Social Psychology and Microsociology
  • Sarada
    Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Schechter, Laura
    Development Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Risk Analysis
  • Smeeding, Timothy
    Poverty, Intergenerational Mobility, Inequality, Wealth
  • Wallace, Geoffrey
    Labor Economics, Economics of Marriage and the Family, Policy Issues Relating to Poverty

Instructional Staff

  • Alder, Simeon, Faculty Associate
    Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Matching
  • Bykhovskaya, Anna, Associate Lecturer
  • Chan, Stella, Lecturer
  • Eudey, Gwen, Senior Lecturer
    Open Economy Macroeconomics
  • Friedman, Matthew, Lecturer
  • Glawtschew, Rebecca, Lecturer
  • Hansen, David, Lecturer
    Development Economics and Labor Economics
  • Hansen, Korinna, Senior Lecturer
    Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics
  • Johnson, David, Senior Lecturer
  • Kelly, Elizabeth, Faculty Associate
  • McKelvey, Christopher, Lecturer
    Development Economics
  • Muniagurria, Maria, Faculty Associate
    Development Economics and International Trade
  • Pac, Gregory, Senior Lecturer
  • Pauley, Gwyn, Lecturer
    Health Economics, Labor Economics
  • Rick, Steven, Senior Lecturer

For a public directory of our faculty, please visit the Faculty page on our website.