English, Creative Writing Option

NOTE:  This is a formal Option and will appear on the transcript.

L&S undergraduates with a particular interest in creative writing may combine a background in literature with a concentration of courses in fiction or poetry writing. The major requirements are distributed as follows:

Survey of Literature
ENGL 241 Literature and Culture I: to the 18th Century3
ENGL 242 Literature and Culture II: from the 18th Century to the Present3
American Literature (1 course)3
Vladimir Nabokov: Russian and American Writings
American Literary Cultures
Literature by American Indian Women
Women in Ethnic American Literature
A Survey of Asian American Literature
Major American Poets
Modern and Contemporary American Literature
Chicana/o and Latina/o Literatures
African and African Diaspora Literature and Culture
A Study of an Outstanding Figure or Figures in American Literature
Topic in Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture
Topic in American Literature and Culture since 1900
Major American Writer or Writers
Three American Novelists
Topics in Ethnic and Multicultural Literature
Race and Sexuality in American Literature
Asian American Women Writers
Asian American Poetry
Topic in Contemporary Literature
Feminist Theory and Women's Writing in English
Literature of Jewish Identity in America
Selected Topics in Afro-American Literature
Seminar (1 course)
ENGL 245 Seminar in the Major3
Language or Composition Rhetoric (1 course)3
Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy
The English Language
History and Theory of Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Advanced Composition
Seminar on Tutoring Writing Across the Curriculum
Topics in Composition and Rhetoric
Creative Writing Workshops (3 courses) 29
Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry Workshop
Creative Writing: Nonfiction Workshop
Creative Writing: Fiction Workshop
Creative Writing: Poetry Workshop
Creative Writing: Playwriting Workshop
Creative Writing: Special Topics Workshop
Creative Writing: Advanced Fiction Workshop
Directed Creative Writing (1 course)
ENGL 695 Directed Creative Writing3
any course from ENGL 204–699 1
Total Credits30

 excluding ENGL 207 and ENGL 236.


Workshops numbered 400 and higher may be repeated for credit. Students are allowed to take only one creative writing workshop per semester. All three required workshops must be completed prior to beginning the Directed Creative Writing course (ENGL 695).