In addition to completing the requirements for all options, complete these requirements specific to this option


Quantitative Methodology (1 course)3
Advanced Quantitative Methods
Introductory Applied Statistics for Engineers
Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences
Core Cartography/GIS
GEOG/​CIV ENGR/​ENVIR ST  377 An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
Second Cart/GIS or Field Methods Course(1 course)3
Introduction to Cartography
Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
Introduction to Geocomputing
Geospatial Technologies: Drones, Sensors, and Applications
Applications of Geographic Information Systems in Planning
Graphic Design in Cartography
Advanced Geocomputing and Geospatial Big Data Analytics
Geospatial Database Design and Development
Interactive Cartography & Geovisualization
Geospatial Web and Mobile Programming
GIS Applications
GIS and Spatial Analysis
Total Credits10


3 courses required9-12
Polar Regions and Their Importance in the Global Environment
Landforms and Landscapes of North America
Global Warming: Science and Impacts
Climatic Environments of the Past
Environmental Biogeography
Geography of Wisconsin
Changing Landscapes of the American West
Independent Study (maximum 3 credits may apply)
Glacial and Pleistocene Geology
Advanced Paleoecology: Species Responses to Past Environmental Change
Soil Geomorphology
Human Transformations of Earth Surface Processes
Past Climates and Climatic Change
Directed Study (maximum 3 credits may apply)
Total Credits9-12