People–Environment Geography OPTION REQUIREMENTS

In addition to completing the requirements for all options, complete these requirements specific to this option


Field Methods
Geographical Traditions and Practices
Qualitative/Quantitative Methods (1 course)3-4
Quantitative Methods in Geographical Analysis
Qualitative Strategies in Geography
Advanced Quantitative Methods
Introduction to Statistical Methods
Introductory Applied Statistics for Engineers
Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences
Cartography/GIS (1 course)3-4
Our Digital Globe: An Overview of GIScience and its Technology
Introduction to Cartography
Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
Intermediate Environmental Remote Sensing
An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Interactive Cartography & Geovisualization
GIS Applications
GIS and Spatial Analysis
Total Credits6-8


3 courses required9-12
People, Land and Food: Comparative Study of Agriculture Systems
Global Warming: Science and Impacts
Nature, Power and Society
Environmental Biogeography
Environmental Conservation
World Regions in Global Context
Changing Landscapes of the American West
Managing Nature in Native North America
Australia: Environment and Society
Independent Study (maximum 3 credits may apply)
People, Wildlife and Landscapes
US Environmental Policy and Regulation
American Environmental History
The Making of the American Landscape
Human Transformations of Earth Surface Processes
Environmental Governance: Markets, States and Nature
Culture and Environment
The Humid Tropics: Ecology, Subsistence, and Development
Development and Environment in Southeast Asia
Directed Study (maximum 3 credits may apply)
Total Credits9-12