The primary purpose of the mathematics certificate is to serve those students who wish to enhance their content knowledge in mathematics but are unable to complete the requirements of a second major. 

Students must meet with a math advisor in order to declare and to discuss course selection. Math advisor information is provided at the math advising page.

The certificate requires a minimum of 12 credits. Note that at most one course from each of the following groupings may be used to fulfill the minimum credit requirement: Intro Linear Algebra (MATH 320MATH 340MATH 341, MATH 375 ), Intro Differential Equations (MATH 319MATH 320MATH 376), and Intro Probability (MATH/​STAT  309, MATH 331MATH/​STAT  431).

Requirements 1, 2
3 credits MATH 400–6993
9 credits from MATH 307–6999
Total Credits12



 Excluding MATH/​CURRIC  471.


At most one (1) course each from these groups may apply:

Residence & Quality of Work

  • At least 9 certificate credits must be completed in residence.
  • Minimum 2.000 GPA on all certificate courses. 

Undergraduate/Special Student Certificates

This certificate is intended to be completed in the context of an undergraduate degree and for those seeking this certificate that is preferred. For students who have substantially completed this certificate at UW–Madison and may need one or two courses to complete the certificate, they may do so immediately after completion of the bachelor’s degree by enrolling in the course as a University Special (nondegree) student. The certificate must be completed within a year of completion of the bachelor’s degree. Students should keep in mind that University Special students have the last registration priority and that may limit availability of desired courses. Financial aid is not available when enrolled as a University Special student to complete an undergraduate certificate. 

  1. State, explain, and apply the principal results, definitions, and theorems of a wide collection of mathematical areas.
  2. Acquire a diverse set of skills and strategies in mathematical reasoning/problem solving.
  3. Use mathematics to model and analyze problems in other disciplines.


Students who are interested in the math major should visit a faculty advisor. Information about current advisor availability is on the Math advising page.

For advice on college algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus, see the placement advising pages of the department. 

L&S career resources

Every L&S major opens a world of possibilities.  SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science helps students turn the academic skills learned in their major, certificates, and other coursework into fulfilling lives after graduation, whether that means jobs, public service, graduate school or other career pursuits.

In addition to providing basic support like resume reviews and interview practice, SuccessWorks offers ways to explore interests and build career skills from their very first semester/term at UW all the way through graduation and beyond.

Students can explore careers in one-on-one advising, try out different career paths, complete internships, prepare for the job search and/or graduate school applications, and connect with supportive alumni and even employers in the fields that inspire them.

Please visit the Math Department website for a complete list of faculty and instructional academic staff.