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Did you know that by 2050 the United States could have more Spanish speakers than any other country?

Spanish continues to gain ground as a widely spoken, national and international language, making the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken Spanish an invaluable intellectual, social, cultural, and professional resource. Spanish is the official or co-official language of 21 countries, and with more than 400 million speakers worldwide (projected increase to about 530 million by 2050), it is the third most widely spoken language on the planet after Mandarin and English.

Students must earn admission to the School of Business to be eligible for the certificate in Spanish studies for business majors. The certificate can be declared in consultation with the Spanish undergraduate advisor.

Certificate Requirements

SPANISH/​INTL BUS  329 Spanish for Business3
SPANISH 359 Spanish Business Area Studies3
Select one course from the following:3
Spanish Civilization
Spanish American Civilization
Select additional credits from Spanish 300-4996
Total Credits15


SPANISH 311 Advanced Language Practice3
SPANISH 319 Topics in Spanish Language Practice1-3
SPANISH 320 Spanish Phonetics3
SPANISH 321 The Structure of Modern Spanish3
SPANISH 322 Survey of Early Hispanic Literature3
SPANISH 323 Advanced Language Practice with Emphasis on Expository Writing3
SPANISH 324 Survey of Modern Spanish Literature3
SPANISH 325 Advanced Conversation3
SPANISH 326 Survey of Spanish American Literature3
SPANISH 327 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
SPANISH 331 Spanish Applied Linguistics3
SPANISH/​MEDIEVAL  414 Literatura de la Edad Media Castellana (ss. XII-XV)3
SPANISH 417 Literatura del Siglo de Oro3-4
SPANISH/​FRENCH/​ITALIAN/​PORTUG  429 Introduction to the Romance Languages3
SPANISH 435 Cervantes3
SPANISH 446 Topics in Spanish Linguistics3
SPANISH 451 Literature of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries3
SPANISH 453 Literature of the Twentieth Century3
SPANISH 460 Literatura Hispanoamericana3
SPANISH 461 The Spanish American Short Story3
SPANISH 462 Spanish American Theater and Drama3
SPANISH 464 Spanish American Poetry and Essay3
SPANISH 466 Topics in Spanish American Literature1
SPANISH/​CHICLA  467 US Latino Literature3
SPANISH 468 Topics in Hispanic Culture3
SPANISH/​CHICLA  469 Topics in Latinx Culture3
SPANISH 470 Undergraduate Seminars in Hispanic Literature/Culture/Linguistics3
SPANISH 472 Hispanic Screen Studies3
SPANISH 473 Study Abroad in Spanish Language Practice1-4
SPANISH 474 Study Abroad in Spanish Linguistics1-4
SPANISH 475 Study Abroad in Hispanic Literatures1-4
SPANISH 476 Study Abroad in Hispanic Cultures1-4

Residence and Quality of Work

  • Minimum 3.000 GPA in all Certificate courses
  • 8 SPANISH credits in residence 
  • 6 SPANISH credits, taken at UW–Madison


This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree. Students cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

  1. Develop communication skills in Spanish; integrate these skills to exchange and assess ideas effectively and with level-appropriate accuracy; and practice pragmatic, linguistic and stylistic norms in a formal, professional register of standard Spanish in a variety of written and oral assignments.
  2. Acquire specialized vocabulary related to business and commerce; analyze authentic informational, financial and marketing materials in Spanish; and incorporate the newly-acquired vocabulary and business-related knowledge into their speech and writing.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of Hispanic cultures, including awareness of the social, cultural, and linguistic diversity that characterizes the Spanish-speaking world, as well as familiarity with basic methods of literary, cultural and/or linguistic analysis.


Karen Francis, Undergraduate Advisor
1008 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Spanish & Portuguese Undergraduate Advising


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Professors Alcalá-Galán, Beilin, Bilbija, Close, De Ferrari, Egea, Goldgel-Carballo, Hernández, Hutchinson, Medina, Podestá, Sanchez, Sapega, Tejedo Herrera

Associate Professors Ancos-García, Armstrong, Cerezo Paredes, Pellegrini, Rao, Stafford

Lecturers Álvarez Oquendo, Mercado

Teaching Faculty Fondow, Neumayer, Pujol, Rodríguez-Guridi

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