Students in a pilates class

The Pilates certificate is a 20-credit program that includes coursework in the classic Pilates mat and equipment repertoire, current teaching methods, and functional anatomy. The certificate prepares students to teach Pilates in a studio setting, and also creates a practical foundation for those who wish to pursue graduate work in movement-based fields.

This certificate program is open to all interested students, and is often pursued by students working toward degrees in dance, kinesiology, athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or other health/fitness fields. 

The curriculum can be completed in 2 years.  Upon completion, students are encouraged to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance certification exam to earn their credentials as nationally certified Pilates teachers.

This certificate is also available to individuals who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree; see the Nondegree/Visiting Student Guide.

Declaration Process

Students should meet with the Pilates certificate advisor to discuss their intention to pursue the certificate. Appointments may be arranged via email. To declare the certificate, students must also complete the application form located on the School of Education's Certificate Programs page.

Certificate Course Requirements

The Pilates certificate requires a minimum of 20 credits. Collette Stewart is the advisor for the Pilates certificate,; interested students should contact her for an advising appointment.

DANCE 135 Pilates Mat I1
DANCE 136 Pilates Equipment I2
DANCE 235 Pilates Mat II1
DANCE 236 Pilates Equipment II2
DANCE 237 Pilates Studio I3
DANCE 330 Functional Anatomy for Movement Practices2
DANCE 337 Pilates Studio II3
DANCE 375 Pilates Teaching Methods1
DANCE 376 Pilates Teaching I2
DANCE 476 Pilates Teaching II3

Undergraduate/Special Student Certificates

This certificate may be completed within the context of an undergraduate degree or as a Special student after an undergraduate degree has been awarded from any institution. The certificate may be completed in its entirety while enrolled as a Special student. Candidates are encouraged to contact the certificate coordinator to discuss course enrollment and the sequencing of certificate requirements. 

  1. (Pilates Practice - Strength, Focus, Movement Efficiency) Demonstrate proficiency in Pilates exercises, including fundamental exercises and beginner through advanced mat and equipment work. Students will show significant improvement in body awareness, physical skill and strength, and efficient movement patterning.
  2. (Pilates Teaching - Safety, Clarity, Communication) Confidently teach one-on-one and group Pilates classes, effectively communicating physical and conceptual ideas about the body to a variety of learning styles, body types and physical backgrounds.
  3. (Anatomical Approaches to Pilates) Integrate current anatomical research into practice and teaching, using a variety of somatic approaches to embodying healthy anatomical function.

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