The Certificate in Athletic Healthcare provides a structured undergraduate offering for students with an interest in healthcare for active populations. Students acquire specialized knowledge related to the fields of healthcare, sports medicine, and physically active populations.

The combination of required core courses and elective options makes this certificate appealing to students from a wide array of backgrounds and majors. Students can select elective courses that will be applicable to a variety of career interests; substitutions for the core courses are not allowed.

This program is intended to provide students with meaningful learning experiences and ultimately an advantage in pursuing advanced or professional degrees in a variety of health-related fields.

How to Get In

Declaration Process

Students must complete KINES 127 Introduction to Athletic Healthcare to apply to the certificate program. Students intending to complete the Athletic Healthcare certificate will find the declaration form on the School of Education's Certificate Programs page. The declaration for this certificate program can be submitted at any time during the calendar year.

Students completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training may not complete the Certificate in Athletic Healthcare.


Requirements of this minimum 14-credit certificate program include both required and elective coursework. All coursework must be taken for a letter grade. Certificate students must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on required certificate coursework. At least 8 credits must be earned in residence at UW–Madison.

Core Courses

Complete all of the following:

KINES 127 Introduction to Athletic Healthcare2
KINES 227 Introduction to Clinical Anatomy of Human Movement2
KINES 387 The Young Athlete: Considerations for Exercise, Medicine, and Activity2
KINES 487 Athletic Healthcare: Contemporary Perspectives3

Breadth Elective Courses

Complete a minimum of 5 credits from the following:

C&E SOC/​SOC  533 Public Health in Rural & Urban Communities3
HDFS 262 Development of the Young Child (was 362 prior to fall, 2023)3
HDFS 263 Development from Adolescence to Old Age (was 363 prior to fall, 2023)3
KINES 140 Science and Practice of Resistance Training2
KINES 150 Foundations of Health Behavior and Health Equity3
KINES 555 Sports Science & Athlete Monitoring3
NURSING/​S&A PHM/​SOC WORK  105 Health Care Systems: Interdisciplinary Approach2
POP HLTH/​C&E SOC  370 Introduction to Public Health3
RP & SE 125 Health and Rehabilitation Professions3
RP & SE 310 Positive Psychology and Well Being3
PSYCH 405 Adult Psychopathology3-4

Certificate Completion Requirement

This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree. Students cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define Athletic Healthcare and identify components of the healthcare system commonly used in athletic healthcare.
  2. Differentiate specific roles of healthcare professions that comprise a interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  3. Identify the impact of public health policy on clinical practice in athletic healthcare.
  4. Develop practical skills and knowledge that are commonly utilized in an athletic healthcare clinical setting.